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    Do you have the support?

    You in a crowded area. You are caught by few people due to some misunderstanding. You have been accused of some misdeeds. Your life is in danger. What would you do? Do you have people to come to rescue? Do you have people to rush to the spot with a phone call?
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    At the first instance, I would try to convince the mob about the misunderstanding. Thereafter (in case of failure), I would try to divert the attention by feigning unconsciousness. In this way, I would delay the assault and seek help by any other means depending upon the circumstances.
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    It is really a terrific challenge situation when the mob is advancing and try try to over power for no fault. In that situation we cannot even use the phone as the mob fury would be tremendous and even snatch our cell phone. The best way to tackle the situation is to defend ourselves by shouting at highest pitch and even holding what ever comes to our hand. May be big stone, rod or anything else. Even if you can beat one person successfully the crowd would subsidize to surcharge against you. And the best thing is to catch hold of one weak person in the crowd and threaten he will be finished if harm is done .
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    The situation narrated by the author is becoming a new normal in the country. People are taking the law into their hands on their own presumptions. In such a situation the people nearby are remaining as mute spectators. We are witnessing lynchings on the suspicion of child kidnappers, cow smugglers etc. If such a situation arises there is nothing one can do except pray for the best.
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    Nowadays we are hearing many such situations. The other day my friend was coming in his car. On the way, a person who has already consumed alcohol came on his scooter and stopped in the middle of the road and my friend was to stop the car there. The person on the scooter started abusing my friend. My friend started requesting him to give way for the car to go. But the other person was not yielding. I was in the car next to the car of my friend. My driver went there and seen the situation. He immediately went to the scooter fellow and threatened him. When my driver started talking in high pitch the scooter fellow left the spot.
    But when we are going on foot and many people surround us we may not be able to force them but we can try telling them about what exactly happened and we have to say that we are not at fault. But the mob may hear or may not hear. Somehow it is better to leave the place as quickly as possible otherwise how the mob behaves we don't know.

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