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    Need to write quality English

    I have not that much knowledge in English. But I can write text after observing the information through media or in any other mode. I have written articles and forum threads and answers so far. But, my English is so what poor to be recognised from the eyes of editors. Some editors say that my context is so poor to improve quality. I don't know whether grammar correction is needed in the context or taken content is vague. For that I am asking experts in English of ISC that what kind of steps I have to take to be stand steady in USC to improve quality in writing?
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    I must admit that my English is not very strong. However, I know that I have to make up for my deficiencies. So, I follow the advice given by my school-teacher. I write short, simple sentences. I give particular attention to grammar(mainly tenses) and spellings. And after completing the write-up, I read it again very carefully to rectify the mistakes, if I find some subsequently.
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    KNCharyulu, you have, by realizing and accepting the fact that your English is poor, put your first step forward to improving yourself. This acknowledgement is very important because it will give you the energy to put in efforts to improve your language.

    As has been discussed in many earlier threads and has also been conveyed to you through various PMs, you must read a lot. Just reading will not suffice; you will have to comprehend what you read and clear your doubts with regard to spelling or grammar or vocabulary by consulting dictionaries or other relevant books or people who know better than you. You are also welcome to post genuine doubts (though not as a routine) in the forum which would be clarified by our members or the editors.

    The suggestion by Partha to start by writing short sentences is worth emulating. By writing smaller sentences it will be easier for you to know whether you have committed any mistake. I would also like to remind you to keep a draft of whatever you post in ISC and check back whether any corrections have been made. You can then compare both and understand where you have gone wrong. Most important thing is to remember your earlier mistakes and to ensure that you don't repeat them. Read your text again and again and ensure that you submit the content only after making it as error-free as possible from your end.

    Lastly, do not worry about your proficiency in English and be as active as possible in the forum section by posting responses to all the threads that interest you. Have the initiative required of a beginner (though you are not one) and be committed to improving yourself. You will definitely notice the difference in a few weeks time. Just keep your spirits on. All the best!

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    My suggestion to you is "Praractictice makes man perfect". So go on practising the reading and writing habit. That will definitely help you in improving your language. As advised by the other two above you should write small sentences with very commonly used words. You can download Grammarly on your laptop or computer so that it will help you in correcting wrong spellings and grammar mistakes to a lot of extents.
    start reading newspapers, books and journals so that your language skills will get improved. While reading try to understand each and every word and if necessary don't hesitate to refer a dictionary for clarifying your doubts. These efforts will help you in improving your English language skills and you will get the grammar also correct. So keep reading and writing.

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    There is nothing like perfect English but there is something known as good English. We all should strive hard for learning English so that we learn good English.

    So basically it is grammar first and then writing of some simple sentences which eventually will be converted in complex ones.

    It is not only applicable for English but also for all other languages.

    We must remember that there is no substitute for hard work and for getting proficiency in English same formula applies.

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    For that matter no one is perfect in English including the elates of this site. This language has the characteristics and features in such a way that we can express the same thing in different way. But what I advise always is that use such ordinary language which is understandable to others and they can respond. There is no dearth for learning good English through special tutorial, but what is the use when others wont understand the superlative words used by us after learning. So do not worry, keep writing, talking, meet elders , speak with them on any subject and that way sure improvements can be guaranteed.
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    Mr. Charyulu,
    Through ISC forums, you can improve your English writing skill. Forum posts and responses will not be taken very seriously by the editors even if you make minor grammar and spelling mistakes. But, in Article section, you are to be very sure with better English without any grammar and spelling mistakes. Because, Articles section awards you sure cash for your efforts. Nevertheless, please concentrate in ISC forum section to ensure that you are a perfect English Master.

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