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    Suggestions from ISCians

    I think that forum is not meant for the discussion about English language. But, as a poor candidate to know much about the terminology used in such forum for optimisation, I am asking some more knowledge about English language. I am asking ISCians about to use phrases and idioms in the forum. Those who are members in ISC, are they refer dictionary to use new words in this website for optimisation? I am asking this for guidance but not for confirmation or information. Some of forum posts have profound knowledge of vocabulary that has not come across, so I would like to get suggestions from such ISCians.
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    Based on the acquired knowledge and their profess in the English some members are incorporating some new words to which we are not familiar but again that is the learning experience for the all. For example my son Aditya has the pungent to use new words and I am also at a loss to understand some of them. But when we read the entire sentence we could get the idea of that word thus used. You need not worry. As long as we are simple and use the simplest language while speaking and writing, the world should support you and it is easy to understand and respond too.
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    "For example my son Aditya has the pungent to use new words ...".......Mr. Mohan: Most probably you want to mean 'penchant' by this word 'pungent'. 'Pungent' is one type of smell (The smell of ammonia is pungent).
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    I always prefer to write the sentence with very common words so that it is very easy for the people to understand. I don't use a dictionary when I write a small paragraph or an article. But I use a dictionary when I read the posts of the people who use some new words. If any word is new to me and If I don't know the meaning correctly I will go to a dictionary. I am not that good at using new words and difficult words. From my education days itself, I used to write the sentences with very normal words as per the suggestion given by my English teacher in high school. The same practice is being continued so far. Anyhow as you said there are many members who write good English with new words and good sentences. You may get suggestions from them in this thread. So wait for their pieces of advice. Anyone can improve their English skills by reading good books, newspapers and other Journals in the English language. So try that. That will give us good vocabulary also.
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    English is a foreign language. I was never a student of Pre KG or LKG or UKG. I started learning ABCD while I was in VIth std. My English is neither good nor bad. I would say that I know some good English to communicate. As far as possible, I use very simple English using simple sentences, try and avoid referring a dictionary to write or speak or understand. I make out the meaning of a word through the sentence. What are we going to achieve by learning difficult English words? Even the Englishmen doesn't know many English words. But I ensure not to make any grammar or spelling mistakes in my communication.
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    To express your thought in any medium becomes easy process provided you are honest to your feelings and so is the case with the English - language. If you are clear to your ideas and have the sound grasp of the subjects being dealt with either in the form of written or verbal mode. Any complex or overthinking that one cannot express his ideas in the given language would cause a serious impairment in the flow of the thoughts resulting in a poor representation of writing. In fact, most of the Indians are exposed to English language at a much later stage say when the pupils are promoted to class five or six. At that stage, they have to struggle a lot to know the language in a better way. However, there are many people having good command over this language despite their late practice and this could be possible because of their determination and interest for this language.

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    When I am writing, I do not refer to the dictionary. I always use very common words that is understandable to all. Generally we look for the meaning of a word in dictionary if we are not familiar to the word. It is always good to know the meaning of new words to increase your vocabulary , but to use new words or not to use depends on the writer.

    The more you read, the more such new words you come across and apply them in your writing. It is not necessary to have a vast vocabulary to write a good article and there is no need to search extensively to find new words to include in the article. If the theme of the article is eloquent, then the writer has done the job quite well.


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