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    Our mind is not a dustbin !

    Human mind is having a very large capacity and it's capabilities have no limits.

    Still, some people instead of using this for creative purposes waste it in insignificant things. They keep anger, hatred and enmity in their mind and remain under stress and tension.

    I believe that our mind is not a dustbin that we keep such negative things in that. It is the precious gift the human race has got and it should be used for creative and positive channels in life.

    What is the opinion of the members?
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    An excellent thought provoking thread to understand. Our mind is not an open dustbin to dump, but a well secured bin with a filter to select the things to be preserved. Here, the filter is our brain that makes us to think the better, and drain out the bitter.
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    Good. Our mind is a precious locker where we can store positive thoughts and remedies for negative thoughts and we can take out them from our locker whenever we want and exhibit them as required. Generally. females will have ornaments and they keep them in bank lockers and whenever they have to attend some functions and programmes they will go to the bank, open the locker, take out the required ornaments and wear it for the function. Once the purpose is completed they will keep them back in the bank. The same way we can store all our good thoughts and ideas in our mind and utilise them as and when we want to use.
    It requires a lot of efforts to keep our mind away from evil thoughts and negative aspects. But we should try hard and practice to keep only positive thoughts there so that we have a stress free and tension free life.

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    A nice thread where the author has described the real situation of people's mind. Mind has different parts, namely conscious mind, pre-conscious mind and unconscious mind. If we take the mind as a whole unit then this unconscious part is about 80% and yes, this unconscious mind acts like a dustbin; things which are not required are stored there. The conscious part is most important and it is related to our consciousness and sense.

    This anger, hatred or enmity generally comes from greed. We are living in a situation where many people tend to think "it's only me and no one else". They forget to realize that the world is not someone's own property, it's for all of us to live in. Everybody needs to train their mind in a way to keep this hatred and anger away, then only this will be a wonderful place to live in.


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    Wow what a nice thoughts emanated from the minds of the author. Yes human beings are not utilizing their brains to full extent and instead give credence to unwanted , unsolicited things thereby wasting their time and also gets bad name in the future, The best example mentioned here can be of Kiki challenge videos being circulated in social media which is nothing but a foolish thought hoisted by a person into the minds of those who cannot differentiate between what is good and and what is bad. In the name of this challenge, many people are getting down from the moving car and dancing to some tune unmindful of what is on their way on their left and thus many got banged to the polls, other vehicles, persons and even some have fallen from the foot path and hit to the road signals. This may be fun for some, but the trend seems to annoying and disturbing others and police are arresting those who spread this challenge videos.
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    A thought provoking thread from the author.

    Yes, it is very true that our mind is not made for the purpose of keeping garbage or inferior material. It is a place to keep the fine memories, love and affection, creative ideas, progressive thoughts, kindness and helping attitude and many more such attributes which make life happy and enjoyable.

    Keeping grudges, enemity and other such negative thoughts in mind will only bring misery and despair. We are the victims of our own thoughts and those who conquer this evil rise to the ultimate levels of happiness.

    Jealousy, dissatisfaction and selfishness only leads to more greed and desires which when not being met by the capabilities of an individual create more stress in one's life.

    A positive thought process is the only way to combat these evils.

    Knowledge is power.

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