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    Petty thieves in high societies

    When cultured, highly educated members of society indulge in petty thefts, it makes one wonder whether money, status and education have any impact on ingrained ethical values (or the lack of them).

    I was away, for two months, visiting my daughter in London. I left my potted plants in the corridor outside my apartment and instructed my maid to water them regularly. Among the plants that I left in the corridor were three thriving pothos plants (money plants) climbing on a moss stick. They were so lush that the containers that they were planted in weren't visible.

    On my return, to my dismay, I found my beloved plants had been mutilated, plundered, vandalised and stripped. Someone had plucked the vines and I suspect it was my neighbours.

    It had taken me months to make them grow the way they had. And all my labour was lost just like that.

    Why do the educated not value another's property? Do they not realise that anything taken without permission is theft?
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    I fully understand your pain and dismay. I also realize how carefully you had grown the money plant. But this happens everywhere. Those who mutilated the plants have no sympathy either for the plant or for the owner. Not many people can love plants. It requires a deep understanding of the feelings of the plants and also of the people who grow the plants.
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    Many people are educated in our societies in our country but unfortunately many of them are not cultured enough to be called civilized. It is painful to utter such words for our neighbours or society dwellers but this is the last thing we want to say for even our enemies.

    I think it is the overall culture of our society that people do not have basic manners and ettiquettes and they feel that it is their right to pluck fruits from the neighbour's tree. Even throwing garbage over the fence is very common. What else will be required to show their hatred, scorn and enemity with the people around.

    There are very few people in the society who understand this and behave in a proper and sophisticated way and do not do such mean actions.

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    Money plant is such a plant that is to be stolen and planted. The general thought is - If money plant (some vine) is stolen from a rich man's home, the richness will reach the other man's home. Did you check up whether your rich or poor neighbour has planted a new money plant in their home? It is not a theft, but a craze to become rich and richer.
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    This type of issues are very common these days. We have brought two plants when we have gone to our native place in small pots and my wife could not plant them in the earth immediately after returning back. One day morning when we woke up in the morning and come out to our astonishment those pots with plants are missing. That night we have not locked the gate as my son will be coming late in the night from the office and servant maid will come early in the morning. So somebody came and grabbed those two pots. The question here is not the money but the pains we are taking in getting the plants and the pains we take in growing them will make us feel a lot.
    So the education is nothing do with the behaviour I think. There are very good people with very good ethics even though they don't have formal education. At the same, there are educated people who behave differently. Ethics and discipline are more required to a human being than the education I believe.

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    I can feel the pain as I am also a plant lover. Sometimes, we develop emotional bond with our plants and if some thing happens to those plants, we feel disappointed. When the plants are small, I will even count how many leaves are germinating from each branch. If someone breaks even a small branch, I will feel bad.
    Coming to the point, some neighbours don't even realise that they are giving pain to others, be it the case of plucking plants, honking horns or making sounds early in the mornings. They simply do it. It is not the case with highly educated or poorly educated, it happens with all.

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    It's sad to hear the lovely nurtured plants are destroyed. We leave our potted plants outside while we are on holidays and have lost a few flowering plants ourselves in the past.

    Apart from the possibility of the neighbours, there would be a group of maitainence and housekeeping staff who could potentially do this.

    Some times, in our previous apartments, we see small groups of children/teenagers who would wreck our shallow brass container with water and flowers kept at the doorstep.

    There are many people across classes, who would think twice before 'borrowing' or vandalizing stuff that does not belong to them in the first place.

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    I am also equally annoyed along with the author as it takes time and energy to nurture the plants and when it gets destroyed for no reason we get tears in our eyes. Though the author has advised the maid servant to water the plants and looked after, it seems after the maid went people would have vandalized or made mess of the place. What happiness they might have got I could not understand , but the lovely nurtured plants were destroyed and that cannot be gained back. These things happen when we have tiff with the neighbors and not having good terms with them.
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    Partha – It was love for the plants that made people steal from my collection. Pothos cuttings grow well.

    Sun – I am aware of the common belief that the plant must be stolen. I had bought mine, and if people wanted to steal they could have snipped off a tiny piece. They left my plants bare.

    Natrajan – It couldn't have been the housekeeping staff – they would lose their job. Moreover, their bags are checked at the main gate before they leave, they cannot siphon-off anything. It has to be the neighbours

    Mohan – Interesting comment. I have extremely cordial relations with my neighbours. We get invited to each other's homes, for dinners and stuff. Please go through my post to understand what happened.

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