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    When did you first see a television set?

    It was November-December, 1977. The elders in our mohalla in Kolkata had started discussing the oncoming World Cup football to be held in Argentina (in 1978). Then suddenly the football-loving family (of four brothers) just beside our home purchased that astonishing instrument. We went there the next day. And that was my first experience of seeing a television set. At that time I was 10+.

    So, I saw the television set when I was 10+. Before that, I had heard from my parents that in foreign countries, people watch television which works like a cinema (moving pictures and sound) in our room. We could never fully believe that such an instrument was possible. Nobody even imagined coloured television set. It came to Kolkata by 1983, or so.

    I first saw the television set when I was 10+. Members may kindly indicate when did they first see a television set and what was their initial reaction/feeling.

    Needless to say, this question is basically meant for 40+ Members.
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    I don't remember the year, but I have first watched the B/W Television(Door Dharshan) when the lovely actress Smita Patil was a Marathi news reader. Also, ' Chaaya Geet' was a famous programme to watch. I was in Bombay (Mumbai) then.
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    I very well remember watching the 1982 World Cup Football finals on TV which Italy won. I was in Madras at that time. In the year 1984 purchased a portable Keltron TV. It was a Black and White TV. Doordarshan programmes except the weekly film songs were boring.
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    The first time I saw a television set was when I was in Delhi as a kid. I saw the movie 'Himalay se Uncha' at our neighbour's place. Sunil Dutt was the hero if I am not mistaken. That must have been somewhere in 1974/75.
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    When I was doing my PhD at University, my research guide was having a TV in his house. Whenever I go to his house I used to see TV. It was in the year 1979. That was a Black and White TV. I purchased a portable black and white TV in the year 1984. I have seen the live telecast of the funeral of the then PM Indira Gand, who was assassinated on 31st October 1984. That was the first live telecast I watched on a TV. I remember I purchased the TV in the month of September. Those days TVs were less and people from neighbouring houses used to come and watch TVs in the neighbours' houses.
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    In 1978 when we went to Madras with family, at the Triplicane there is a Bharath Cafe near Parthasarathy Temple and there he kept the Television and every one was viewing the Doordarshan programs with so much interest. The quality was so poor and yet people would vie to view by sipping the coffee served there. Then In 1979 I saw a black white ECIL make television at a Kirana shop near my house and that was kept for public viewing and there I used to see the Chitrahaar program, the song based capsule for half an hour at 8 pm on Wednesdays. And when I went to Delhi, there for the first time portable color tv was introduced by Texla and I purchased that 14 inch television for 1200 rupees and brought it Hyderabad., much to the delight of my parents as we were the first family owning a color tv and that too portable with 16 channels.
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    I saw a TV first in 1976 when I first visited Mumbai. But I was able to view telecasts since 1977 when moved to another township in Maharshtra. There was only Doordarshan then. Telecast was in Black and white only.
    At that time I told myself that I would buy a TV only when there would be more channels and I would be able to change TV channels just as I tune a radio. It was only after the STAR TV became popular and SUN TV started broadcasting that I bought a TV.

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    If I remember correctly my first viewing the TV was sometime during 1982-83 that also in the house of a friend in Mehsana, Gujarat where I was posted during my job years. It was a very exciting and thrilling experience.

    Subsequently I was able to purchase one for myself during 1987 and then slowly it became a common household item.

    Today I am not watching TV until unless some thing very important or specific is recommended by my family or friends.

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