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    Why are those meaningless rituals still in practice?

    We are in the 21st century and science and technology has developed a lot. The life style has changed a lot. Still in this period there are people who practice the meaningless rituals hurting themsleves and offering to sacrifice something they like or animal sacrifice. Why can't we still understand that God is just the faith and he never asks us for such things.

    I have recently seen a post in facebook where a kid around 5 year old was pierced lemons on its body. I cannot imagine how much pain the child would have undergone. This is rediculous to believe that our wishes come true by doing such acts. If that is true then everyone can bare that pain for sometime and get everything they want in life. Why can't people understand that doing such things will never change the fate of anybody? Please share your views about this.
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    From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, men and women tonsure their head.
    From North to south, men and women pierce their ears.
    In India most of the women pierce their nose.

    @ Pierced lemons on its body. It is new to me. Can you explain it in detail, Jyothiji?

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    The problem lies in the fact that this never going to change. Each one of us has got a certain level of beliefs within us which according to us is perfect & so we don't hesitate in implementing those in our real life. The tendencies of believing is different in different individuals which sometimes exceed to a level that we don't feel anything impractical or illogical but instead we inclined towards with more faith in it. In a general life we call this superstition & this superstition have continued since long in the past to till date & will continue to be in the future as well. Even the literate people can be seen evident of doing the actions which is not socially fit but is still happening around us. Providing that education can be a good solution here but seeing that such people are also involved in such superstition acts is surprising.

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    In Tamil Nadu there is a ritual during Thaipusam festival wherein the ardent devotees pierce their cheeks with the sharp edge trident and that is done for the thanks giving to Lord Murugan. For the ordinary citizens it would mean useless and unwanted and for those ardent devotees these kind of things are normal and natural. We cannot question such things. There is nothing above faith. If one has the faith, he can go to any extend to satisfy the God and for which it seems amazing for others. Only for this reason the rich and exotic traditions of this country is still alive and prolonging.
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    Superstitions die hard, we all know this. In our Indian Society, there are many superstitions and people will go on believing such superstitions. Never God asked us to kill another living being to please him. But this in practice in many places even today. The government has banned killing animals but we will never follow the rules and regulations. As far as I am concerned I feel God will expect from us truthfulness and ethical behaviour only. But how many of us are following those is the question? Some people earn illegal money and offer gifts to God. Is this correct?
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    The scientific advancements started taking place hardly a few hundred years ago while the rituals and traditions are there since long long time and are subconsciously rooted very deep in the minds of mankind.

    There may not be any logic and rationality in those procedures but people are simply following it blindly because of faith or superstitions or wrong upbringing or false notions and things like that.

    So even if these people are explained the falacies of their beliefs, they will not agree and continue their practices.

    They may not understand the concept of God but they have a strong conviction that if they do like that God will be happy and in turn will make them prosperous.

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    These types of beliefs are there in almost all religions. In fact for those who think rationally the very belief in God is blind. So naturally all the other beliefs are a continuation of that belief. There are some people who jump into fire and dance there as a belief.
    In Kerala there are temples where as part of certain rituals one or more persons attired in red or other coloured dresses conduct a wild form of dance and hit their head with a sword which will be in his hand (they are called 'velichappadu'). They are supposed to be the representatives of the God inside the temple. They make certain commands and the same is interpreted as the words of the God. By the end of the programme the forehead of this representative will be hit several times by himself with the sword in hand and will be bleeding.
    Like this there are several beliefs among the believers. If one looks at them rationally it will be simply absurd.


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    Most of the time people act from their core beliefs. In our everyday life also these core beliefs lead the way in many households. These core beliefs are there in many religions and it is the fear of God that bounds them to practice these type of things.

    The concept of God is different among different people. Few believe in appeasement, few do things for their so-called 'safety', others do because they have seen the elders in their family doing the same things for ages. There is a common notion among people of not asking questions or logic about things related to religion or rituals. The problem with many people is they never try to look for answers and get immense satisfaction by thinking that they are serving the almighty by following certain rituals. I think there is no service greater than serving the humanity.


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    The path to reach God is often very difficult and tedious. So some resort for shortcuts like these. This is same in every religion. Muharram too is a festival of self harming. I'm glad that most Christians however do not have any of such rituals.
    Rituals like these become increasingly tormenting as we venture into ancient tribes. There is an indonesian tribe that cuts a teenager's skin to match that of a crocodiles'.
    There is an African tribe that whips there adolescent girls to womanhood. These ceremonies are called initiation ceremonies. Some of these tribes really go to great lengths to make this ceremony as hard as possible, so only the best of the gene pool gets passed.

    So it all boils down to biology. It's a form of artificial selection. If you withstood initiation ceremony and passed, you are an adult and are allowed to breed. Simple. But as civilization progressed, life became easier and we threw away initiation ceremonies. But some of us city dwellers still might witness some of these tribal ideas.
    It's no wonder why these kind of rituals come from villages and then get popular among the commoners. We forgot the importance of such rituals and understood them as path to reach Gods.

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    Mr. Sun, let me explain this to you. The lemons were binded with the thread and they have pierced the thread into the body in such a way that the lemons are hanhing out of the body.

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    I got it. We all worship God in different ways. A rich may not do this, but offer a good sum to the deity. Only the poor and middle class people worship God with great faith by following such rituals. As Mohan wrote, there are rituals in which a thick brass rod of 10 mm size and 10 feet length is pierced through the cheeks of the devotee. Yet, nothing gets affected. These are all safe rituals with faith. This is being followed since the time immemorial. This is the way of life. We cannot get away from the rituals.

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    Why are those meaningless rituals still in practice?
    Are there any meaningful rituals?
    Rituals are self-induced hypnosis.Sometimes,it may alter the state of consciousness. The wiki meaning of hypnosis is that it is the state of human consciousness involving focused attention and reduced peripheral awareness and an enhanced capacity to respond to suggestion.

    Even, prayer is ritual.
    Why we pray?
    It can change the state of mind and feel better. Some people practice self-harming ritual to feel better state of mind.

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    What is meaningful to me, is meaningless to some others. What is meaningful to some others, is meaningless to me. Who am I to force my opinion on others? Who is he/she to force his/her opinion on me?
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    Rituals are part and parcel of our life. Nothing moves without rituals. Naming a child is ritual. Celebrating birthday is ritual. Puberty is a ritual. Marriage is a ritual. Death is a ritual. Life won't be interesting without the rituals whether meaningful or meaningless. Rituals bring peace to our mind.
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    These rituals can be practiced from the time of their ancestors and it continues and it is their belief. What is feel is we can reach to God even through prayer. Why such rituals by hurting themself. These are superstitious and why are they not coming out of such acts.

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    It is believed that lemon has a magical effect. Lemon is considered like a body with soul that is fit to be offered as a victim (Bali) to God. When we purchase a new car or two wheeler, we take it to the temple for pooja. There, before starting the vehicle, we place four/two lemons under the four/two wheels to get crushed. It is a belief that the vehicle should not take anyone's life after crushing the lemons. Every ritual performed will have its own meaning and purpose.
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