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    Life is so strange to fight it

    Sometimes we feel that life is so strange. Why do we feel like this means we just got tire of life's ups and the whole world nobody else who doesn't have ups and down even rich people have ups and down.Nobody have a strength to carry a Mountain. Whoever should be. An individual get tired of problems in his life. I know we should not get tired of anything and we have to be positive.and be ready to face any problem which will come to us. But somehow our heart want to forgot everything. Then there will be no positive or negative remains in the life.
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    Life is not a walk on roses. Sometimes we may have to walk on thorns which will be there always behind the roses. God has created Roses and thorns also. A person should be able to avoid the ill effects of the thorns while trying to possess the roses. We should equip ourselves to face any type of situation boldly. Do what maximum we have to do be performed. The result will automatically come. With this belief only we should always move forward. Sometimes we feel too tired and try to give up everything. But those times we should remember the people who struggled more than us in their lives. We should take them as examples and we should also try to follow them in facing the hardships. But we should not get negative thoughts and we should not stop fighting.
    Pandavas were God believing and sincere. But they struggled a lot in their lives. But they never gave up their fight in their lives for their success. Seeing their hardships and sincerity Lord Krishna helped them and seen that they will be victorious. So we should fight for our success in life without going away from ethics and morals.

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    What I feel that if you take good and bad times on same amount of your reaction, the life seems to be easy. We tend to react with joy and ecstasy when ever we achieve some thing which we have dreamed for. At the same time we are not used to criticism, critical evaluation and even sad moments in life. And we have another bad habit that we share bad moments first with others , as if they are going to listen and help us, but we seldom share the good moments of life which the others expects you to do so. For me life is not strange, in fact it is very interesting as we have been given chance to come out of some tricky situations which we have never undergone.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    If a person gets tired of the problems, then there is no hope for him in the future. So. he must not be disheartened, He must resume his journey of life. Success will definitely arrive.
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    Everybody faces the ups and downs in their lives and these are the integral parts of life. People generally have the tendency to look more at the downfalls rather than analyzing the reason behind it, this increases the worry. You need to look for the solutions of a problem rather than getting bogged down in the problem.

    Take time to analyze more about the reason of failures, interact more with people to understand their problems too and take a break frequently. By following these things you will be able to deal with your own difficulties too and will find life much easier.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    There is nothing wrong in this. When we handle too many responsibilities & that too continuously, we are bound to get tired. Life is basically a burden, this body is a burden. But we don't see it that way because we have got used to it. Where is the fun in doing the same things life after life?

    But to say all these things also need courage and an insight. Have you ever experienced that moment when you are just sitting on a chair, doing nothing, thinking nothing, just blank? That is your true state.

    The Life is struggling really hard to remain in that state forever but Mind wants this life. Mind wants its continuity. A mind without thoughts is a bliss but is also the death of the mind.

    Who is getting bored or tired with life? Is it the body or the mind or the soul?


    "If you want to make real progress, you must give up all ideas of personal attainment".

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    Life is like an Ocean. It has got waves moving up and down. Yet the ocean remains same forever. Similarly, in our life, we may come across sorrows and happiness. Laugh while you are happy and cry in sorrows. No one can be fully happy in this world. Even the crorepathi's are caught in debt and have some worries. The very poor of the poorest sleeping on the footpath also has his own happiness on this earth. Let us march ahead with our foot carrying the good and bad in our life. Never to lose heart. Have a brave heart and face the challenges we come across. This is way of life.
    No life without Sun

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