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    It's all about preparations for participating in different contests. Let's hear your story.

    You have heard the announcement of the contest, read the details carefully and thought for a while. Yes, you have guessed it right! I am talking about the different contests that ISC announces periodically, it may be about writing poems, stories, articles or solving riddles. It's quite different to write something about a given topic and writing threads or articles of your own choice.

    As a new member, I find the contests interesting and try to participate in few of them. Now, when you are writing for a contest it's like writing essays during the exams that we have all did in our school/college days. At that time we used to read essays in different books and sometimes suggestions were given prior to the exams. Nowadays, we read many a things in newspapers, magazines, books and of course in the internet. It fascinates me to know about what others do to get ready for the contest. Some people can write very fast on any given topic just like impromptu speech, others take a while to think for it and then write. Suppose you are not familiar with the given topic, but want to participate in the contest, as if you are writing the exam, in that case how will you go about it? Are you going to think for a long time to get some idea or instead search the internet about things related to the topic?
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    What I feel that most of the ISC members are really creative and intelligent even before joining this site and the topics announced here as contest are not that big challenge for the members to take time and respond. Only thing that many members are busy with their routines and wont find time to visit the contest threads. I have seen some contests are attempted immediately after hoisted by the admin. What I mean to say here that there need not be preparations for the contest or even referring to some sources. Given the self knowledge on many trending issue, one can write the responses and contents here. One more thing , those who are regular to this site and watch the proceedings happening in this forum, that knowledge itself is enough to write good content without referring to any source. All one needs is the remembrance and memory power of issues discussed in general manners across the forum posts.
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    The best and quick way to be a good writer is being honest. "Never lie to your readers". But more importantly, never lie to yourself. A contest always has a context. A certain topic and a certain rules. So first we need to learn what we are capable of. Then we need to understand the concept through our hearts.

    What is the immediate reaction revoked in you by the topic? For an example, in recent TOW,shadow revoked a sense of time in me. I kept thinking about time, light and shadow. And this conscious thinking crept into my unconscious dream and I ended up writing my entry. You can give it a read if you felt like, it"s quite interesting.

    So consciously think what does the topic speak to you. Then put your emotions in the best way possible and leave the rest to the judges.

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    There are many ways to do it. I generally think a lot to choose the topic for my entry to the contest. Sometimes I get immediate thoughts but sometimes I think for a while. All depends on the state of your mind at that time and how it responses to the topic.
    Sometimes I will be searching the internet also to know about the subject and read some articles on the topic so that I will have some knowledge on the subject. From what I read and understood, I will try to make my entry with my own knowledge but never reproduce the same matter what I read there.
    Sometimes I will have a discussion with my family members on the topic and take their views also into account in preparing my entry for the contest.

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    Be yourself. Think yourself. Create yourself. Write yourself. Don't search for stories from the net. You may not be successful. If you cannot, then don't participate in the contest. Don't lose your originality. Don't try to copy or steal others' creations.
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    So far as contest entry is concerned, I consciously try to be different from others. After I get the topic, I try to think what the other participants would write. Then I try to write something which others would not attempt. Sometime this method works.

    I also try to follow what my favourite writers do. Once Sirshendu Mukhopadhyay (a very famous Bengali writer) said that he goes to the vegetable market everyday and listens to others. Another famous writer said that he always avails public transport and listens to others conversation. I also do the same.

    Further, I can recall the smallest incidents happened to me or which I witnessed earlier. I use these in my stories.

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