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    On this Independence Day the ISCans can pledge to bring changes too.

    I wish all my fellow ISCans a Happy Independence Day. Today is the 72nd Independence Day and it's celebrated all over the country by hoisting the national flag and paying floral tributes to the national heroes. The British rulers left the country in 1947 and after that we progressed a lot. India has developed in many areas and still there are a lot of things left to be done.

    ISC is a platform to share your views, start discussions on various topics, provide updates, write articles and do many things where you can express your creativity. Here the members write brilliant articles which means they not only have the creativity with pen and paper, but also have a very creative brain. We are living in times where things are not running well, be it social, political or economical. The younger generation is confused a lot, the senior citizens do not get proper care at times, in the name of education students are gulping down loads of knowledge that lacks basic life skills, and it's an unending story.

    With so many creative brains in ISC, can we pledge to take small initiatives to change things a little bit? I admit it's difficult for somebody to change something absolutely out of her/his own. But if a handful of us from ISC can start a new mission, we may hope others to join us too. The initiative can be of anything; even it can be a business where we can provide certain services to others. Many have different ideas to bring certain changes in the life of others or to the society as a whole, why not take a chance to do it together? Let's ponder over a certain issue and find ways to bring in the required change. Can we do that? Please share your views.
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    From my side I shall start to educate the need for conserving the rain water by having harvest pits. Because even in this rainy seasons some apartments are ordering for water tankers by paying huge amount. When the copious rains are lashed, there is no way to tap the potential and all the water goes in to the drains and nallas. By having water harvesting pits, at least the water would be sucked inside the earth and that would enable increasing ground water level. It has been widely observed that those who have water harvesting pits have not suffered water shortage from their bore wells even in peak summer. Likewise I shall also write to the civic authorities that hence forth make it compulsory to construct rain harvesting pits and provisions must be made while submitting for the building plan approvals.
    K Mohan
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    Definitely, we can try. Any long journey will also be started with an initial one step only. So thinking of doing something good is always a good idea. But when we want to change something, first of all, we should start implementing that.
    The population of the country is increasing and there are many people who are wasting a lot of food and throwing it out. At the same time, there are many people who are starving due to non-availability of food. So can we all pledge that we will not waste food items? I will see that there will not be any wastage of food in my house. Similarly, all members of the ISC can see that the food in their house is not wasted. Once we implement in our house we can try to educate our neighbours and see that they will also not waste the food. I don't know how many of the ISC members will agree for this proposal.

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