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    Present day youth are not having faith on God and luck instead thrive on their potential !

    Though we may be intelligent and have the ability to prove our mantle one step ahead than others. But that may not be the case in every aspect. Some are intelligent in the education and when it comes to home related duties, they are zero. Like wise some are very poor shoppers as they do not know how to bargain. And the present day youth are simply harping on their abilities but wont give credence to the God and even luck factor. But there is some strength which is guiding us to the great path of success and that is giving the best results. But the youth wont give importance to that feeling of faith.
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    There was a time when religion, faith and traditions prevailed to a great extent. They are still there but due to scientific advancements, technological progresses and rational analysing of issues their intensity is teduced.

    A person becomes what he is today as the consequence of many things and one of the prominent factor is bringing up. It counts a lot in what atmosphere he is brought up.

    In general today, the atmosphere is more inclined to logical thinking rather than blind beliefs. So our youngsters are evolving in that fashion only.

    Knowledge is power.

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    In my opinion, these days youth are having more exposure to the society and related issues than the older generations. Because of the fast communication from one place to the other through smartphones and because of various communication channels they are getting updated on issues very fast. Because of that facility, they are getting more motivation and trying hard to attain than goals. When they come to know one person has done a specific task, these people also start thinking when that person is able to do, why not I? That is how they are getting inspired and struggling hard to attain the goals. There is no replacement for hard work. Once you have a strong desire and work hard to achieve something, definitely you will be successful. That is what the present day generation is doing. The elders should encourage that and see that they will be successful.
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