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    72nd Independence day- Post your messages here.

    Wishing all at ISC a very Happy Independence Day! As we celebrate our 72nd Independence Day let us renew our pledge to safeguard the freedom and integrity of our Nation. Let us all strive to contribute our bit to the overall development and welfare of our country and promise to safeguard the tenets of our Constitution.
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    Me and my family join to wish our members and the entire nation on the 72nd Independence day celebrations. On this day we are duty bound to remember the contributions and sacrifices of many freedom fighters who laid down their lives for the Independent India in which we are living peacefully. On this occasion I want to make a fervent appeal to parents and students not to have the wish of studying and settling in foreign countries. India has all the facilities and resources to support every Individual and if every one of us contribute our bit, we can beat the intelligent ability of other countries with ease. Moreover when we have studied here and having made the man out of the facilities available here , we are duty bound to pay back the country by serving here and reaching out the people here. So let us take pledge to remove the thought of settling in foreign countries for personal benefit.
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    My simple wish on this Independence Day is a Bengali line: "Bharat abar jagat-sabhai shreshtho asan lobe" (Bharat will again become the best country in the world). On this auspicious day, I wish all the very best to every Indian.

    (I also wish the people of South Korea on their Independence Day.)

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    On this lovely day, I wish you all a very Happy Independence day. May we move forward to be the best in this world. Let us fulfill the dreams of those who fought and got freedom for us.

    When I joined ISC in the year 2011, I participated in a contest and won the first prize for my Independence day speech. Click here to reach my speech.

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    This is my sincere wish to all the members of ISC a happy Independence day. We are all enjoying this freedom because of many people who sacrificed their lives for the sake of the country. So we all should pay our rich tributes to those people and always try to safeguard the freedom of the country.
    always confident

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    It is a great part on behalf of freedom fighters. If they live to see the present country, they would be ashamed because selfish in the people increased day by day. This day should remind us to be in the unity in thoughts without thinking about creed or religion. First of all, human values should be always remained in the people forever to feel the independence day. Such people are patriotic one.

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    I wish all the fellow ISCans a Happy Independence Day. I am a bit late to wish all of you through this thread, but I already posted my message on this 72nd Independence Day through a thread at a very early hour. My only wish here would be to use this freedom with responsibility, because freedom without responsibility leads to disaster. We cannot do anything and everything that we want without being concerned about the place/society we live in. My entire message for this day goes here My Independence Day message

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    My hearty congratulations to all the Indian for 72nd Independence day. This freedom is acheived by the sacrify of many known and a lot of unknown Indians so, protect our Freedom and contribute to make India a developed country.
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    Independence Day is for all the patriotic of the country. It's a really great day to all of us.
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