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    Organ donors- Majority in Tamil Nadu are youngsters- they have a conscience too!

    With every single day, we (this author included) keep on talking about the ways of the very young in the 18 to 35 age group. The era of fast foods and apps like swiggy are in. They do not save money for their future. They have become so much materialistic.

    However, in all this din, we also need to appreciate the little pots of gold still available in most of them. Today's THE HINDU (15th Aug 2018) points out that 88% of those who wish to donate their organs after their lifetime were those in the young age group of 18 to 35. Of course, this is Tamil Nadu specific. However, it could be the same or more or less same everywhere.

    The young do have quite a bit of good in them. Their energies should be spent in the right direction. The formal organizations like WIRO and Infosys Technologies are doing commendable work in this regard. In the society, we need to harness their power by continuously motivating them to achieve something big. I guess the issue is one of motivation.
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    These days young people are having more vision and they have a better understanding of the life. I am observing these days many young people are coming forward to help the society when it is needed. They don't worry about helping others and they never think about the money involved in it. The reason may be again their connectivity with the world through social networks. When they observe some people who come forward for help, these people also get inspired and go forward for helping the needy. We all should appreciate and encourage such young people who are coming forward and doing their little bit of help to the needy.
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    Glad to learn through this post that organ donation is gaining importance and youth of Tamil Nadu are more conscious about this noble cause and that gives great courage and impetus to others also to follow their suit. I have seen in many news videos that young boys who died , their parents are willfully agreeing to donate their organs for those who need the most and thus even in their death, they are living in some one or the other. Till recently there was hectic campaign for donating the eyes for the needy, but organ donation is the great cause and one has to donate the same within 6 hours of the death.
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    In the past , we were unaware of organ donation except blood donation. And there were no experts for organ transplantation. Now, the technology is improved. Each and every important human parts like eye, heart, lung, liver, kidney, brain etc can be easily transplanted. No wonder, the youngsters are aware of it, and are ready to donate their organs after their death.
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