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    Chennai still has a long way to go

    It is a matter of pride that Chennai is ranked as number 2 in the ease of living index published recently, among cities with populations of over four million.

    Chennai has more than 10 million and is exploding on all the three sides. (On the fourth side we have the sea). The new Master Plan aims to literally expand the city to more than eighty five kilometers on all the three sides. There is still opposition from the cities, though. For example, Kanchipuram will become Chennai, if the plan is implemented.

    Chennai has done some good work in reuse of waste water for industrial purposes., However, Chennai is yet to exploit the potential of desalination. The water is available aplenty, If Dubai can do it, why not Chennai? The problem is the will.

    Voluntary organizations like the Exonora should plant hundreds of thousands of new trees and make it as attractive as Bangalore. Chennai has already lost the race here. Bangalore is so beautiful with hundreds of thousands of trees, even today. May be, Chennai traffic is better, since the roads are good and the traffic keeps on moving.

    Yet, we have miles to go before we sleep. Sanitation and cleaning of garbage should be given to private parties. The DMK party had done excellent work in this regard. But the AIADMK Government was so keen only on Amma Canteens. It has done nothing at all to beautify Chennai.

    Let the voluntary organizations wake up and continue their good work, on a much larger scale.
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    It is pleasure to know that Chennai is ranked as number 2 in the ease of living index published recently, among cities with populations of over four million. But many people say there is a heavy shortage of drinking water in this city and this is the real problem to be addressed by the government. In Tamilnadu, DMK and AIDMK are very famous for offering very big gifts to the public free of cost. But they are not able to ensure availability of safe drinking water to the public. That way they have to go a long way. Next point is the weather. The air is full of humidity as it is a seashore. So sweating will be high. By increasing the number of plants and growing greenery may change the atmosphere to some extent. So plantation is the next point to be concentrated and another point to be planned is suburbs development. I think with these actions Chennai may become a good destination for a happy living.
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    First of all appreciation to Chennai for getting second rank in the ease of living list which is a great news for the citizen of the metro. But what I feel that Chennai people are not giving credence to cleanliness and keeping the surroundings green. If the train enter from Ennore side,, we can see whole lots of garbage beside the tracks and the slum people are living amid that. Surely there would be health related issues. And the second big problem is the Kuvvam , the so called Nala river which carries the drainage residue just opposite the central station is the cause of concern for all the visitors.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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