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    Let us give Kerala everything

    The BJP Government at the Centre has one rule for those States ruled by the BJP and a totally different another rule for those opposed to it. Of course, it has a soft corner for those parties friendly to it. Or for tough ladies like the former Queen of Corruption, the late Jayalalitha.

    Chennai did face the worst floods in 2015. The great Jayalalitha made such a huge and cry, after failing to manage the floods carefully. It was a well known fact the abrupt opening of the Sembarabakkam lake was the main reason for the huge floods.

    Modi came running and five hundred crores was given right away. Today, Kerala, who colossal damage is one hundred times worse than Chennai and the Tamil Nadu floods, has been given a ridiculous amount of one hundred crores.

    This amount will not even suffice to give some relief for the thousands affected. It is ridiculous that the BJP is so indifferent. On the other hand, voluntary help is pouring in for all over. This should continue and we should really help our brothers and sisters from the most beautiful State of India, rightly called the "God's own country".

    We need to
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    My views are a little bit different. I am expressing my views on this issue point-wise.

    1. We must not compare one disaster with another disaster without knowing the details of loss, short-term impact and long-term impact.
    2. Our hate for one political person or an institution should not blind the judgment process.
    3. The compensation must be decided after taking into account all types of losses, not comparing the amount which another state earlier received.
    4. We must also seek the report on the performance of the State Government of Kerala under Pinarayi Vijayan. Is the Government doing some work or is it planning to take action against the RSS volunteers who have jumped into the relief work?
    5. I have also noted that despite the insulting comment previously made by Kodiyeri Balakrishnan about Indian Army, the Army is helping the people of Kerala. I am curious to know what that so-called leader is doing nowadays. Is he doing some relief work or helping his children?

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    We cannot compare Chennai floods with Kerala floods. Chennai flood was unexpected and no alert was possible, and the damage was much more. Kerala flood was expected, and all were alerted well in advance to move to safe locations. Most obedient Keralites have shifted their belongings and remained safe in accommodations arranged by the state government. The loss has to be studied after the monsoon, and Modi can be requested to compensate the loss. I am sure, Modi will allot more funds to Kerala.

    @ Keralites are enjoying the floods by taking selfie.

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    The interim flood relief amount of Rs.100 crore announced by the Government of India(GOI) is very little considering the huge damage. The final amount will be decided after the complete assessment of damage caused by the floods. The performance of the Kerala State Government has nothing to do with the sanction of flood relief amount by the GOI. The relief amount is for the suffering public but not to Kerala Government. The duty of the Army is to help the people facing the natural calamities. The Army is doing its duty but not a favor to the people of Kerala or the Government there. Individuals do not matter in circumstances like this. Let us give our moral support to the people of Kerala and the State Government without politicising the calamities.
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    Is the State Government's performance during the relief operation satisfactory? Is there any discrimination to distribute relief material? Are the MLAs and MPs playing dirty politics over the distribution of materials? Is the Government making a proper assessment? What are the civic volunteers under State Government doing? What is the State Government doing about providing essential health services? Have the affected people been shifted to protection centres/ How does the State Government regulate the flow of additional water and release of water from the dam?

    State Government has to answer thousands of questions. It can't absolve itself of its responsibility.

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    The relief operations are going on. The priority is to see that the public is helped in all possible ways. This is not the time to pause and pose questions. Why the Prime Minister rushed to Gujarat in 2017 and announced Rs 500 crore relief fund without posing all these questions? First priority is to see that relief works go on without interruption. The State Government will answer all the questions after the relief works are completed. The people running the State Government are the people who have the confidence of the people and are well versed with the administration as the Kerala State is one of the best in the country.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    The Prime Minister is not posing any question here. An adamant and obstinate Member is asking some legitimate questions before considering the familiar rant for more funds. From his experience, this terrible Member knows how the political game is played for the distribution of relief materials, especially in communist-ruled states.
    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    Let me put it across for the information of all that the people of Kerala are standing together in this hour of crisis. We are not bothered about political affiliations or any other difference at this juncture. The state government had its plans ready and the disaster has been managed quite well despite the fact that nature kept changing its course on its own whims and fancies which was not expected.

    While the losses as on date are calculated to be more than Rs 8000 crores and an immediate interim relief of about Rs1200 crores was sought by the State from the centre, the state had to be satisfied with just Rs 100 crores. The stepmotherly treatment of states which has a weak base for the BJP and where they have fewer expectations is not a hidden fact; they have proved it time and again. But help has been pouring in from various other quarters including the neighbouring states, celebrities from other states, businessmen, NRIs and all those who can chip in as per their ability.

    Taking political advantage during a period of distress must be avoided. For those who are waiting for opportunities whether it is death or calamity, it might not matter though.

    'Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance' - Confucious.

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    Service to the public is the first priority. All the political parties without any exception play games in such of these circumstances. That is our misfortune. This is time for action by the State and Central Governments.
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    The flood from the Idukki dam through Cheruthoni dam could have been averted, if they had planned well to release the dam water without having a flood in Periyar river. The dam authorities did not do their right job in right time. They were greedy to store more and more water that led to this situation. Though the water storage level is 2403 feet, they could have released the water slowly and steadily when the water level reached 2395 feet. This would not have caused heavy flood.

    The state has been alert and they have taken all the precautionary measures well in time. We should appreciate the state government for their action in managing the situation. I don't think the loss could be of 8000 crores as mentioned by a member. It is an exaggerated sum, I feel.

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    Isn't the grant of Rs. 100 crores only an interim measure before the assessment of losses? Just asking.
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    I do not understand how a member can blindly say that the loss is of 8000 crores. Who has studied the loss and reported the loss to the government? The flood water has not receded yet.

    It is like lodging a complaint to the police that a person has lost his jewels worth One Kg gold, while the item lost was only one sovereign of gold.

    We should not claim for the hospital charges while the patient is still under treatment.

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    The Rs 100 crore is the interim relief only and that is what I have mentioned in my very first response. The Kerala Government assessed the damage approximately to the tune of Rs 8000 crore and asked for an interim relief of Rs 1200 Crore. Te GOI magnanimously sanctioned Rs 100 crore.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    Every person should come forward to help the people who were affected by the floods to the maximum extent possible. The army is trying to rescue the people. The state government is trying its best to minimise the damage. Neighbouring states are also coming forward to help. The Government of India announced interim relief. Individuals, corporates and other institutions are also doing their maximum possible help. Let us not bring in politics in between. When a person is suffering we should help him without going through the details of caste, creed, religion and nationality.
    always confident

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    I must state clearly and unequivocally that during/after every unfortunate natural disaster, the concerned State Government inflate the amount of loss to get more monetary help from the centre. In this case also, the amount of loss is inflated, has not been properly calculated and the demand for help is unrealistic. We must know it beforehand that it is not possible for the centre to arrange and provide the huge amount of money (Rs. 1200 crores). which the Kerala Government has sought as an interim measure.
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    I strongly object to the observations made by the author that Modi government is indifferent to Kerala over providing relief and rehabilitation and money for the on going floods situation. If the Military is on work and rescuing the people at every corner of the affected area, is it not the help done by the center ? By granting 100 crores as the interim relief , the center already started helping Kerala and in fact I find fault with Kerala government for going against those who are supporting BJP. Now that the aerial survey has been done and Union Minister Rajnath Singh himself said that the situation is grim and needs attention. So the relief would pour in.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mr Mohan, you got it wrong. Aid to Civil authorities by the defence forces has nothing to with the centre. There are explicit rules on the subject and it is not governed by the likes or dislikes of the centre.

    @Partha. 100 crores in place of 1200 crores and you say that the state (as many others do) has projected an inflated loss. The Union Home Minister has himself surveyed the area and has admitted that great damage has been done and yet just 100 crores? Couldn't the amount have been a bit higher? At least to balance the demand? It should have been. You might not be aware of the problems down in Kerala because the floods and landslides across Kerala do not receive much coverage in the national network. Even if it is an inflated demand, why should you or I be bothered? Let the centre (irrespective of the party in power) activate its machinery and provide immediate relief as is applicable. Let politics be laid to rest for the time being!

    'Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance' - Confucious.

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    Kerala is a small but a rich state in India with heavy Gulf money pouring in. Each and every house in Kerala will have one member working in the Arab country. If all the Malayali's can contribute their one day salary for the flood affected people, it would be a huge sum to help the affected. Also, the neighbouring states and other states of India would also render necessary financial assistance to the flood affected Keralites. Now many politicians may be trying to fish in the troubled waters. And people should not allow them.
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    The Central Government has to look after every state. Let us suppose, for argument's sake, that the centre gives Rs. 8000 crores to Kerala Government to compensate the loss projected by the State Government. And the next day, the West Bengal Government demands the same e(in fact, Bankura district has already been ravaged by the flood because Gandheswari River has woke up after many years). Then from where the money would come?
    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    Army wont act unless and until directed to do so. That was being observed since many years.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    @Partha, Kerala has not demanded 8000 crores from the centre. By the way, why so much resistance over the state getting central aid? We have seen the centre giving away so much aid to many states during such calamities. Why this hue and cry now?
    The aid to a state which faces such distress is decided finally by the centre after a team consisting of experts visits the area and assess the ground situation and calculate the approximate loss. The question here is about 100 crores in place of 1200 crores. It is not an arrangement between two individuals; it is between the state government and the centre and adjustments can always be made later on. It does not pay to be more loyal than the King, especially in this kind of situations.

    @Mohan, you are wrong.

    'Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance' - Confucious.

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    1. My previous statement said: ".......the centre gives Rs. 8000 crores to Kerala Government to compensate the loss projected by the State Government". When did I say that Kerala Government demanded Rs. 8000 crores?
    2. Kerala Government demanded Rs. 1200 crores as an interim measure. This means later more demand would come.
    3. Who said I am opposed to central grant to state(s)? My only point is centre must release adequate amount after making an objective assessment. It should not fall prey to inflated demand. In communist-ruled states and in also some other states, there is a very real possibility of a dirty political game in giving relief. The relief amount also enters party coffers.
    4. Instead of giving money to the State Government, I feel that the Central Government must send the amount to individual flood-affected family's bank account as was done at the time of Srinagar flood in 2015. (Sorry, I would not give any further details.)

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    We all know why the central grant was sent directly to the beneficiaries in J&K. Let us not discuss that now. Let the Centre provide what it can after due assessment. Partha appears to be more interested in the policy of increasing vote banks rather than helping people in distress. So far so good. I have had my say.
    'Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance' - Confucious.

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    Political parties are doing their business as usual, there will be support and also opposition about each activities. The flood situation in Kerala is grim and help from different voluntary organizations are pouring in. I have never heard the central government has set a limit of Rs. 100 crores only as the relief amount for flood affected Kerala. Let the proper assessment of the damage be done and see how the central government reacts. In many cases it is seen the central government is releasing much lesser amount than that asked for by state governments. There are many reasons behind it. When relief comes, in any form, the main objective has to be to distribute it among the affected families. Let's rise above accusations and do our part, according to an individual's capability, to help the flood victims.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Only a few hours ago, the Prime Minister tweeted: "Had a detailed discussion with Kerala CM Shri Pinarayi Vijayan regarding the unfortunate flood situation in the state. Centre stands firmly with the people of Kerala and is ready to provide any assistance needed. @CMOKerala"----I hope this ends the controversy created by communists and other opposition leaders.
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    Great news. Happy that the Prime Minister discussed the flood situation with Kerala Chief Minister. Hope his discussions will solve the problems of flood damage.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    The only force that comes to rescue during any natural calamity is all the three Armed Forces. All the three forces have been geared up to carryout day and night rescue operation. The selfless Jawans, sailors and airmen are working 24x7. Military engineers are repairing the roads and constructing temporary bridges. Naval divers are doing their best to clear the water logging. Airforce and Naval helicopters are rescuing the people caught in the floods. State government is providing the shelter and food to the affected people. Further, any other assistance requested by the state government will be provided by the Centre. The financial assistance by the Centre will be provided only after ascertaining the damage caused by the flood by a Central team. Until then, the state should take care of finance.

    It is nice to know the tweet from PM Modi.

    No life without Sun

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    Unlike the UPA government, the NDA is always reachable to the needy and there is no politics played. This is evident from the fact that the PM Modi is posted of the situation and assured help.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Quite the contrary. Look at Pondicherry. The Lt. Governor has no business to interfere in Government decisions. In Tamil Nadu,in spite of all proven facts a moron who is the Union Minister wants the Sterlite unit to continue.

    The UPA Government did not interfere in matters related to States. Particularly under Dr Manmohan Singh and earlier under P.V. Narasimha Rao. Even when prices hit the roof, the RBI was forced to play ball and do nothing about interest rates on deposits. Only now there is some upward movement.

    The BJP s record of creating trouble in all non BJP States is well known. What happened in AP? You promise the moon but after you win, come out with the most ridiculous arguments. Cant the NDA govt at least give Rs 300 crores even as an interim measure? What is their record in BJP ruled States?

    Still, hats off to the Kerala people. Reportedly thousands of students are on the streets, doing all that is possible. There are so many NRIs moving relief materials from across the border, through Coimbatore city. Hundreds of people from this city are already doing work in Kerala.

    While the Congress did have its pitfalls, the Modi Government is no better. The horrible demonetization exercise destroyed the informal sector for 20 months. The middle classes have become poorer. There is so much talk, but very little action.

    In Tamil Nadu the 8 lane project is sufficient for it to get lesser votes that NOTA.

    One only prays that this Modi Government is gone.

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    A B Sivakumar,

    Your tone and tenor in this Forum is not appreciated. You are advised to desist from using harsh language about public personalities. This is also treated as violation of Forum posting guidelines. I have edited and removed some sentences in your response above.


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    Sorry Sir. But even in a very big crisis, many people everywhere are playing dirty politics. Am sorry for harsh language. If good is done and relief reaches the very poor and those affected, I will be very happy. It is just that justice needs to be done. That is all.

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    My appreciation to ISC for hoisting the Kerala Emergency numbers on the top of the page and that would be sure help to those who contact and provide relief.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    By hoisting the Emergency numbers on top of the ISC pages, ISCians will be able to help their relatives and friends caught in the flood, to get rescued. ISC thy name is Great.

    Wish to know any ISCian from Kerala caught in the flood.

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    I also appreciate the effort of IS C for providing the emergency numbers. I would also indicate the helpline number of National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA). NDMA helpline number is: 011-1078. NDRF helpline number is: 91-9711077372.
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