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    Do you know about Google Ngram viewer?

    I'm so glad that I found about this today. Want to know what was trending in 1857? Want to know many times the word "ugly" was used in history?
    No worries. Google saves the day again. Having literally millions of books at stock, Google patiently searches for your keyword and organizes them as a graph plot in Google Ngram viewer.

    The books printed from 1500s to 2008 are scanned for your keyword/s. For an example, the word "ugly" appears the most in 1700-1750, in this modern history. There are multiple options for you to make your search experience more friendly.

    I think this is an amazing way to learn history because history is just stuff recorded in books for most part. This type of learning will attract students more. You can specifically tap into a timeline when the search word was most frequent and study the relevant book to know more. How awesome could this be!!

    Please do experience this Google Ngram viewer if you haven't.
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    Thank you, Aditya, for your brief about Google Ngram viewer. Your brief has given some preliminary understanding of the tool. It is really a good subject to be used for the benefit of the searcher. I will try to use this and learn the benefits.
    always confident

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    Google has been experimenting itself to keep the netizens with all the available information either old or new and this one shared by Aditya is awesome and needed to be explored.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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