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    How the organic food revolution help prevent diseases

    With every single day, we are made to understand that some organic food recipes made out of ragi or millet or some variety of rice is so good for health. The food items are tasty too. A huge number of organic food restaurants have opened in Madurai, Coimbatore, Tiruchirapalli, Erode and other cities of Tamil Nadu. Of course, Chennai is no exception. The medical benefits are huge. One is told that there are some restaurants coming up in Kerala too.

    The anti-oxidants seem to be simply excellent and help any one to build up the resistance power. Even in other areas there is a huge market for new products or herbs. For example, in Tamil, what is called "nochi" plant that grows all over, is a big mosquito repellant. There are now herbal products where this is the most important raw material.

    One should support these initiatives. I really do not know the equivalent of these organic food inputs in other languages. Perhaps, a day will come, when we will understand how our forefathers lived far better lives.
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    We must have to look back whether it is fashion, health, technology or lifestyle. Everything is back to this current era and it's necessary for the surviaval. I would like to admit that in Gujarat where vultures are being deminished gradually is because of some NSAIDs drugs administerd to the cattles . These drugs accumulated in cattles' organs in minute quntity. After the death of these cattles this drugs were transferred to the vultures as they eat the parts of these dead bodies. Gradually this chemical get accumulated in vultures and play a fatal role for their existence.

    The same thing is happening for the humans. Lots of chemicals and pesticides are absorbed by the plants and the resulting fruits must contain the distorted DNA inside it. This pesticides and chemicals are unlikely in our dishes. We are suffering from diseases which we never encountered before just because of the distortion in food contents.

    In this case organic food is just a bless for the human beings to survive in the next century. To back up our natural immunities we must strengthen our foods first with natural powers without chemicals. Organic food is the future of the next healthy generation.

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    The insecticides and pesticides that are being used in cultivation are very dangerous for the human being. When these chemicals are administered on the plant, some quantities of these materials will find their way into the vegetables, grains and fruits. When we eat them they get into our body and create health disorders for the people. The root cause of many diseases these days people are getting is mainly the remnants of these hazardous chemicals in the products. To avoid these diseases and to have a healthy life the answer is Organic food only.
    It is the high time people should understand the importance of these organic foods and start using them instead of normal foods. Even though they may cost a little more than ordinary items we need not worry. We can have a lot of savings by avoiding medicines for which these days we are spending a lot. I say the infants and kids should be given only organic food and we should see that they are not prone to all types of diseases. A lot of research is going on regarding increasing the yields by using organic fertilisers. Hope at a sooner date we all will have only organic foods in out plate of meals.

    always confident

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