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    Let us totally revamp all courses, everywhere.

    The University of Delhi is a forerunner in running a huge number of industry-relevant courses. For example, the University runs a superb course on HR and Organizational Development and the products get employed in top notch institutions. It has the Master's Degree in Finance and Control.

    The prestigious Delhi School of Economics has a superb Post Graduate course said to be equivalent to the London School of Economics. The list is endless.

    We need to just ape this. BSc Chemistry should become BSc industry chemistry. BA History should become BA (History and Tourism Management). The BBA should become a mini MBA and should have compulsory unpaid intership at the end of every year, in at least NGOs and vouluntary organizations. Let us update every single syllabus. All the old courses should be industry-specific and should be compulsorily revamped, pan-India.

    There should be at least fifty mentor institutions with UGC blessing, in every area. For example, IIM Bangalore should mentor at least ten B schools in Karnataka. The branded Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai, should mentor at least fifteen B schools. This should have Government and UGC support.

    We cannot afford to continue the status quo. All talk about skill development will never materialize if we do not change.
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    It is correct. The degrees are obtained only for the sake of having a degree. These degrees may qualify the candidate to apply for a post but never assure a placement. My first and the foremost observation in this line is to improve the standards of the schools and colleges. The evaluation system is to be changed. Conducting an exam and awarding a degree is not a correct of qualifying a candidate. The present-day education system is making people obtain degrees but not the knowledge. This is to be addressed first. The qualifying mark should not be 35%. It should be made higher. I say 70% should be the pass mark. Then as mentioned by the author the syllabus for the subjects are to be revamped in such a way that the outputs of a university are able to help the industry. The concept of reading and reproducing should be eliminated. How much the student is able to apply his knowledge in the industry is the question now.
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    I too second with the author's suggestion that there is a need to revamp the existing teaching methods of all the courses in colleges and make it Industry ready, so that without insisting for experience or giving training, the concerned companies can take the people for employment. In Railways there is a Time table committee which gives suggestions and amendments to the existing list of trains and their movements, like wise there should be curricula committee for every subject which must interact with concerned Industries and then incorporate the changes in the books.
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