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    Time to take preventive action for all diseases

    The rains have started pouring. The trend in the next few months is likely to be severe. The diseases come calling too.

    In particular, the dengue scare is for real. One is given to understand that the dreaded mosquito breed is very active only in the mornings, and it can bite only below the knew.

    Mothers with children as young as two or three should ensure that their children are fully clothed and refer their children to the doctor immediately if there is any fever. Home remedies will not do. Proper investigation is a must. For example, let us not rely too much of papayaa leaves. There are reports that it is good, but to just do with us, is asking for trouble.

    All people should shut all windows when the rains come., One is told that the rain water also carries bacteria which cab be deadly at times. Eating outside food, more so, street foods should be totally avoided. The typhoid virus, one is told, is always present in such foods.

    Fully boiled water for thirty minutes and then cooled, one is told, is the best remedy. Even better than RO water. Let us take all precautions and also alert our neighbors, friends and every single person we know. Of course, some advise through the print media to create awareness is also very good.
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    A very good post monsoon alert from our member ABSivakumar. Let us take it seriously and follow it to get away from the water borne diseases that may cause due to water logging.
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    It is simply not possible to take preventive measures from ''all'' monsoon diseases. But definitely, we must take preventive measures to minimize the chance of diseases during monsoon. The author has mentioned some measures. Along with these, I put emphasis to wash hands and feet thoroughly after returning from outside.
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    Thanks to the author for giving an alert to all about the rainy season problems and the measures to be taken to avoid those problems. One should accept that we should all be careful in the rainy season as the chances of spreading various disease are very high this season. The Kids are very much prone to these diseases. So the parents should be careful. When you come home after completing your works, immediately you should wash your hands. legs and face carefully before you touch the kids. It is better to see that mosquitos will not enter the house by using mosquito nets on all doors and windows. Take all precautions required and have a safe rainy season.
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