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    My straight opinion on forum posting

    Recently, I have posted a forum post but that was deleted due to violation of forum policies. I am asking the editors of ISC that internal links cause to delete forum posts. Why I am saying this because in this forum post I have related the information to my previous forum posts for optimisation to get traffic. Generally, any ISC member would not like to waste their time in posting any text in this website because their main motive is to get AdSense account to generate revenue through ISC. Can ISC members accept it? If so express your views in this accord. I think that forum is to be free from the restrictions such are adopted to article section.
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    You are wrong. Unlike the Article section, Forum section is a very important section where the topic raised for discussion should be meaningful and should not be against the forum policies. Forum posts invite discussion by many members with different ideas, thoughts and expression. Article section has only one straight road, whereas forum section has many roads with a junction.
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    I think forum postings also should have some procedures. The post should not violate the forum policies. Otherwise, all people start posting whatever they like.
    As far as I am concerned there is no link between Adsense earnings and forum postings. I have no Adsense account. But I try to spend some time daily on this forum section. I read almost all the forum posting which will help us to get some knowledge in various fields.
    Generally, the deletion rate in this section is not very high. Many of the threads will come out safely from the screening. So we need not worry much about that. An article is your own thoughts and people may read or may not read. But forum postings are more for discussions and opinions of people may vary and we can understand the views of various people on the subject.

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    As a Member whose Forum posts are regularly deleted by the Editors (for whatever reason), I have to accept the dictum of the Editors. Obviously, I don't like it. Complaining generally doesn't solve the problem. Because, the ultimate decision always goes in favour of the Editor.

    But at the same time, frankly speaking, Forum section gives you some easy points. If you find it (deletion of your Forum post) absolutely intolerable, I would request you to shift to other sections. As for example, when deletion of my threads and responses crosses my limit of tolerance, I shift to other sections and start writing in My India sub-section. But in that case, I have to study a lot to get good points.

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    Charyulu, it was quite encouraging to note that you wanted to improve your English when you posted a thread to that effect. But your attitude in this thread, I must say, is quite disappointing. We allowed two threads from your end on an almost similar topic just because we did not want to discourage your zeal. But raising thread after thread on the same subject cannot be encouraged. Moreover, the thread in question that was deleted was incomplete. Although it is not required to give you an explanation for rejecting a thread, it is being done in this case, as a one time measure, just to make things clear to you in case your decision to better yourself is sincere.
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    K N Charyuly garu, I can understand your frustration about the deletion of your forum thread which you have mentioned. You have been raising same topic again and again which makes no sense. This forum is highly moderated section and every thread and responses are read and edited and also if found repeated , they are deleted too. So editors are doing the work within their ambit. You are at liberty to raise any number of threads as per your quota to which you are eligible but raising threads on same topic wont look nice and hence deleted. Hope the matter is clear.
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    Mr. Charyulu,
    I too got bored with your repeated forum posts on the subject English. This is not acceptable to ISC. You could have raised all your English queries in a single thread.

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