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    Which is the best way of investment.

    We all try to save some portion of our earnings for the future requirements. There are many ways and means to save money. Some people will invest in FDs. Some will purchase gold. Some will go for MFs. Some people will go for land or house purchasing.
    When we want to invest in fixed assets we can go for a plot or a flat or an independent house or even a farming land. Each type of investment is having its own advantages and disadvantages. I feel purchasing an independent house is the best investment. But the opinions may differ from person to person. I like to know from the knowledgeable members of the ISC to discuss their opinions.
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    In the present scenario, Let us not take risk in our investments. Only the greedy will look for best investments to make money. Investing in real estates may not fetch us, but might cheat us. Same is the case with gold. When required, we won't be able to sell the old gold ornaments to the existing rate on that date. Investing in mutual funds also may not work up to the mark. Whatever may be, please invest it safely as Fixed Deposits in any nationalised bank.
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    For proper investment a prudent and thoughtful approach is required. There are many areas which are more riskier while there are other areas which are less riskier.

    The aporoach should be of a balanced investment. One should not keep all the eggs in one basket.

    Sometimes, especially in old age, the safety of investment is a bigger issue than the return from it. So one has to plan the investments in low risk - medium return areas.

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    The way on investing in assets and things all depend on the amount which is in hand, If one has the substantial amount as extra and wont be required for immediately, then they can go for gold and diamond investment. And if one has very good bank balance and wants to have asset for future, then going for plot or Independent house is the best option. Some people want to have rent as the regular income, in that case they can consider buying shopping shutters and lease it for long years which will give them good returns. Otherwise those who want short term benefit. they can invest in the on going residential project by booking a flat at the inaugural price and later sell at the good rate to which the builder also would help. This way many people are earning money as they wont get returns just keeping in fixed deposit or otherwise in the banks.
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