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    Why can't we discard a rumour immediately but enjoy it?

    Yudhistar was responding to Yaksha's typical questions and one among was - Which one moves faster than wind? The most intelligent man in the Mahabharat times simply replied - 'a rumour'.

    Such is the dangerous element by name 'rumour' which can creep into any system and pollute the environment. But unfortunately we all fall into its trap in one or the other occasion. The main reason is that we don't verify the fact but enjoy to hear it. Unintentionally, the gossips not only about popular personalities in politics, films or sports but about our own circle around won't take a deaf ear and we are keen to lend it. There lies the real problem. The strength of the truth in it gets lighter weight and we are all responsible for the damage caused to the individual when it becomes 'nothing'.

    Why can't we discard a rumour immediately instead of enjoying it?
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    Not everyone is cut from the same cloth. I neither enjoy nor encourage rumours. That is my principle. If I have an issue I confront the person and set the record straight. I do not indulge in bickering behind people's backs or spreading rumours about them.

    I also do not encourage gossip. In fact, I feel very uncomfortable when people speak unsavoury things about others. I either tactfully change the topic or avoid responding to the comments that gossip mongers make about others.

    I feel if someone can talk about other people, in their absence, they would do the same about me, behind my back. I am wary of such people. The reason people make a habit of such behaviour is to gain other people's sympathy and to influence their opinion about others. They paint a bad picture about people and expect others to see those people in the same bad light. Avoid such people, they are manipulative.

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    First of all the ordinary citizen are not able to gauge which is the real information and which is the rumor. in that case how can they discard the messages or the information at the face of it. But those who are regulars on the internet and having seen such fake messages and rumors do have some idea and they do discard such messages and wont share it further. There are trouble makers amid us and we should be careful as to whom to friend and who to be rejected. But one thing is sure, when we are in the group of good people , spreading of rumors wont happen that easily.
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    If we can understand that what we are listening to is a rumour or false news, we won't accept that. We take rumour as true news, so, we believe it. The real criminals are those, who manufacture those rumours and spread these rumours at the initial stage.
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    It is human nature that we attract to anything which is unusual, spicy, backbiting or other's insult related.

    We not only attract to it but pass it to others with pride and feel sadistic pleasure.

    Prudent and wise people refrain from such spontaneous and quick chain reactions.

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    Instead of just 'discarding' the rumour as the author suggested, we should stop those spreading the rumour from doing so. A few words of advice, to them, would perhaps prick their conscience and perhaps make them stop spreading vile information about others. I think it is the right thing to do.
    'A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak' - Micheal Garrett Marino

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    Some people intentionally spread these rumours even though they know that they are not facts. This is their hobby. Some people even though may not spread the rumours they enjoy hearing the rumours. If we know what the other person is talking is not a fact, we should not encourage them talking about those issues. We should ask them not to spread rumours. If they don't care for our words we should not entertain them for long. We should get away from the place. The people who are jealous of somebody else try to spread these rumours. In the offices among the colleagues, this happens very frequently and some good people will be away from such rumours.
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    If the rumour can be identified, it will be discarded. But if rumour can't be identified, how and why it would be discarded?
    "If you are killed in action, you go to Heaven. If you win, you rule this Earth (as beautiful as Heaven). That is why, O son of Kunti, take a firm resolve and fight!"-- Shrimad Bhagwad Gita

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    Good question Partha.

    A rumour is anything that is hearsay and passed around as gossip. If I am to believe a story I would first ask the narrator to verify it.

    And even if the rumour were true, why give it more ammo? Why spread it around? Why get pleasure out of publicising another's folly? I don't see why a rumour cannot be discarded or why it should be discarded only if it is identified as a rumour. Why encourage it, what prevents one from ignoring it?

    'A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak' - Micheal Garrett Marino

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    Our attention is driven more by the fantasies rather than truth or the ground reality of the fact. In the meantime any of us has taken its own side which simply means that we remained biased for another side. This very fact could be the major reason for spreading rumors which completely depends upon a particular taste of its section or a community. For an instance, we in this forum have discussed about the mob lynching too but in this country of around 135 crores population, we hardly have witnessed more than a dozen of the incidences yet but wherein even a small incidence without any proper investigation, brought to debates in different news channels & even in the prime times in which the viewership is high & we all aware of the reasons about why.

    I do feel that by this time we must be matured enough to think on the right perspective & take decisions accordingly but this is not happening. This all relates to a simple conclusion that we still remained the biased one.

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