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    Whatever I have, let us share it - should be the policy.

    In the present scenario, Karnataka and Kerala enjoys the rain and the surplus water showered by the rain Lord. No water scarcity in Karnataka and Kerala. The Krishnarajasagar(KRS) dam is filled and the excess water is released to Tamilnadu. Mettur dam is filled to its full capacity. The Mullaiperiyar dam is filled and the excess water is released to Tamilnadu. Vaigai dam is filled to its full capacity. Thus the water being shared by the states.

    While this is so, Why Karnataka and Kerala refuse to share their water during water scarcity. Shouldn't Karnataka and Kerala come forward to quench the thirst of Tamilnadu when there is acute shortage of water in Tamilnadu ?

    While Karnataka and Kerala faces problem, Tamilnadu shares it. Similarly, when Tamilnadu is in problem, Karnataka and Kerala should share it. Am I right? What do you say?
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    It is quite simple. If we are fully eaten and what ever the remains are there, we tend to donate to the urchins or the beggars. Same is the case here. Dams are constructed by Karnataka and Kerala to reach their selfish ends of controlling the water substantially for their use. And Rain God is great, he wants to check the ulterior motives of these two governments and hence played politics by raining to full. Now they have no option to open the gates. Let them store the water, then see what happens. This is the lesson for every state, never behave with selfish motive , otherwise it will be punished by nature.
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    Excess waters are being released not with an idea of sharing the water with the neighbouring state but it is done only to release the danger to their state. But when the shortage is there they will never think of releasing the water to other states. This is the fact. Even though Andhra Pradesh is suffering from a shortage of water the former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh and great actor NTR readily agreed to share water with Tamilnadu through Telugu Ganga project. This type of gesture is never shown by any other leader so far, as far as my knowledge goes. The neighbouring states will be always quarrelling with each other mainly on this water sharing issues only. As suggested by the author if the governments can understand the needs of the people and come forward to share the waters based on the priorities, it will be a real admirable point. But how many leaders will do that is the question?
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    Sharing is caring. It is a mutual win-win situation. Today if we care for others then only we can hope that others will also reciprocate it with us.

    Some people are selfish and want to keep everything with them. They fear that if they share, they will lose everything. This is a totally false concept. By doing that, they simply lose their good relations with others and will not get any help in their rainy days.

    The states are like different entities in a country and if they do not cooperate with each other and do not coexist cordially then the overall growth of both the states is under threat.

    Knowledge is power.

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