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    Please advise MBA students to read business magazines

    The key to success of any MBA student is to make himself or herself a totally updated person in terms of both knowledge and skills. While the IIMs and the top twenty private institutions have superb industry collaboration, most of the rest of around one thousand four hundred MBA institutions are run like teaching shops. A huge number also run the distance education programs for the same degree.

    Not surprisingly, I often find the students of B and C class institutions way behind what is the ideal in terms of both skills and knowledge. Many of them do not even know the names of two good Mutual funds. Most do not even understand the basics of Government policies relating to infrastructure. Most do not know what drives the service sector growth.

    A very small handful, if at all, understand what is GDP and how it goes up or down. With this kind of ridiculous knowledge, it becomes quite difficult for them to understand business and social realities. Please do advise all MBA students you come across to compulsorily read the superb business magazines like Business Today and Outlook Business and Business India, apart from the Business line and the Economic Times. Business Standard is also good.

    Otherwise, they will be outdated by two decades, with disastrous results.
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    Nice and the best advisory from the author. Merely studying MBA does not guarantee full knowledge but the candidate must expose themselves to the happenings of business overtures and information concerned to amalgamations, take over, turnover and the leaders of various Industries in their own field. There are some business class television channels also gives more information on this. I would also advise the students to watch the series in Discovery channel which shows about how the products are made in each factory. Those information are relevant for MBA students.
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    Not only MBA students but also other students who are interested in going for Civil Services, competitive examinations and other finance courses like CA, ICWA and ICS should also have the habit of reading the knowledgeable magazines. Similarly, the Science students and Engineering students should read good technical magazines to know about the latest developments that are happening around the globe. This will help the students to enhance their reading capacity and also the latest updates in their concerned subject. Nowadays, it is very easy that these magazines are available online also. So it is always good to read such magazines. I hope the students will follow this suggestion and get benefitted by reading these magazines.
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    Absolutely. When I was doing my MBA, I clearly recall how religiously we would read the Economic Times every morning. We were 5 of us sharing a single paper at home so I remember waking u pan hour early to be the first one to get my hands on the paper. Reading business papers and magazine maybe be boring or difficult at first. But once you get the hang of it, it is easy and predictable. There are Corporate news and projects announced as well as share prices and MFs performance. Understanding this news will over time help to make sound investment decisions and keep you updated on your country's economic standing and inside workings. It will help form your own understanding and opinions over a period of time and this will be of immense value in your professional life.

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