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    Can you suggest something to create jobs for unemployed youths?

    In our country or to that matter in any underdeveloped or developing country, unemployment is the biggest challenge and Govt is also not able to cope up with this spiralling giant.

    Can our members suggest some measures which can create a conducive environment for job creation and occupying the large youth population in our country?
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    There are many ways and means these days to make a living. We say there are no jobs. When we met some corporate people, they say that they are not getting suitable candidates. This is an indication that there is a gap between the availability and the requirement. So the first important issue is to see that the syllabus for various courses should be modified in such a way that the people coming out of educational institutes should be useful to the industry and its needs. By doing this the chances for employment to the youth will increase. Do the job available should be the concept. But many people say, I don't like this job or that job. Those ways are to be amended. The youth should develop the entrepreneurship and try to start their own business so that he will be an employer rather than an employee. A street vendor is appointing a person to clean the glasses and plates. Thus he is able to create employment for another person. That should be the attitude.
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