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    Have you noticed this during the PM's Independence Day speech?

    When the entire nation listened attentively to the Prime Minister's address on 15th August, 2018, there was a small but very significant change happening inside the premises of the Red Fort. It was the first time in independent India that an 'all female' SWAT team was part of the security apparatus protecting the venue. The team comprising of thirty-six women went through more than a year of harsh training. All of them are from the north-eastern states of India. The women constables donned blue uniforms and guns as they protected the outer perimeter of Red Fort. They performed the duty along with another ten crack commando teams of Delhi Police.

    This is another example of 'Bhartiya Nari Shakti'.
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    Yes. I have also noticed these women constables in blue uniforms and guns performing the duty there. But I don't know that they are all from the north-eastern states of India. These days women are also competing equally in all fields with men and in some cases, they are exceeding the men also. It is very good to note that they are even contributing their might in providing security cover to the VIPs. We all should appreciate them for their contribution to the success of the country in many fields. These days Ladies are proving that they are no less than a gent in any given filed. Let us extend our appreciation and support to them.
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    Also, he has given importance to the Nari shakthi by announcing that the women officers joining the defence forces would get permanent commission on a par with their male counterparts. This would boost the morale of our Indian women. As of now, we have 1561 women officers in the Army, 1594 in the Airforce, and 644 in the Navy. Most of these officers were recruited on short commission (14 years) and not eligible for pension. Permanent commission would help them to receive pension. Now more women will be tempted to join the Armed forces.
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    The body language of the SWAT members proves their very high confidence level, which definitely talks about their very high level of training.
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    Yes there was noticeable change at the Red fort as for as security apparatus being provided by the SWAT team. One day before there was the mention of SWAT teams being taken over by the Red Fort for full combing and security reasons. Good that women are being recognized for their power and strength and providing high security to the PM and other VIP's was the great risk factor and they have done the work with much exemplary and need to be appreciated. So in future also SWAT teams may go with the PM on foreign tours as security thereby showing the world that India respects women.
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