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    It’s time for less complaining & more self-introspection.

    If we closely observe ourselves than we are a kind of complaint box, a "moving complaint box". From the morning time when we get-up from the bed to the time we again go to bed in the night one thing which we compulsorily do is "complaining". What we don't do is self-introspection of what we do & the way we do the things. For instance, we haven't looked at the timing but when reaching late to the office we blame the traffic but instead & don't we feel that leaving a bit earlier could have solved this problem?

    Do you have such experiences in your life & if you could share some interesting facts with us?
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    Whenever we used to have a monthly review meeting we used to gather there in time but our people from the marketing department used to come late and always used to say the traffic problem. But the fact is a different issue. 2 or 3 times we have observed the same. Then we started informing the time 30 minutes before than it is actually scheduled for these people. This is how we have avoided the late starting of the meeting.
    It is the human tendency to push the reason for their problem to the issues which are not in their control. A quality problem in a product made will be traced down to a problem in the raw material but never think of what is going wrong in their process.
    As suggested by the author it is always better to have self-introspection regarding the failures rather than complaining about something else.

    always confident

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