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    The problem is that we continue to be in the comfort zone.

    Other than of complaining, most of our life spent on feeling jealous of the accomplishments of others. May be most of us would disagree with this but is the fact. This has become a habit within us to look at the brighter side of others but at the same time being ignorant of the facts of the struggling days of others wherein the others have suffered a lot in order to reach to the current designated position that they are known to us today. The problem is that we continue to be on the comfort zone & dreaming of having every possible possession in this world which is never possible.

    Perhaps & if we could agree to the fact that others carries out with more hard work & if we have to be like them than we also required to do our best possible in order to feel different from the mob around.
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    It is the human tendency. They want everything. They want to get the maximum benefit and always want to be in the comfort zone. It may not be possible. You can't have both. If you want to be the top runner, you should come out of your comfort zone and work hard. Show how you are different from others to your boss. Then you will be successful. Otherwise be in the comfort zone and take whatever comes to you. Don't feel jealous and don't complain. You can't have both the egg and the chicken. These facts are known to all. But own a few only will practice the points. All depends on your attitude and the desire.
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    Comfort zone is a comfortable place where we feel happy and carefree but it stops our development and will stop us from taking up the challenges in our life.

    So if we want to do something in our life and want to achieve our ambitions and objectives then we will have to sacrifice our comfort zone.

    Those who get out of their comfort zone early in the life are the real gainers and the experience accumulated by them is immense and prepares them for the tough life ahead.

    Knowledge is power.

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