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    The Southern film artists should help Kerala to return to normalcy after the rain

    The rain has played havoc in Kerala affecting all the districts in Kerala. The damage caused is heavy. The whole of Kerala is submerged under the flood water. To compensate the loss, a heavy sum is required. Apart from the Central and State government funds, additional funds are required.

    The South Indian cine artistes, directors and producers are rich and richer. They should come forward to donate a huge sum from their own bank balances, and by organising various shows in other states to collect money to help the flood affected people. If each and every film Hero, Heroine, Director and Producer has a will, they can adopt one town or village to help them to return to normalcy.

    Imagine, how much money the Keralites must have paid to watch cinemas in their life? What do you say?
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    The rain has played havoc. The rain has done a heavy damage to the state and many lost their lives. Whatever we do we may not be able to bring back the lost lives. But we can help the suffering people to the maximum possible extent. In South India, the Cinema Stars are having many fans and they have a lot of fan following. There are people who are ready to die for them. This is the time for these actors to show gratitude towards the people. Many times when there was a need the actors came forward and conducted benefit shows and helped the people in need. NTR and ANR, the two big pillars of Telugu film industry, came forward many times to help the people who are in trouble during natural calamities like this.
    The people in the Cinema field are rich and they can donate a lot of money for this good cause. In addition to that, they can plan some programmes and the collection coming in these programmes can also be given to the people who suffered. The author's suggestion is very good and I hope the people from cine field will do their best in helping the needy.

    always confident

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    Yes there is good unity between Kerala and Tamil Nadu actors, and in fact the entire South Film Industry would have a grand program to help get the donations from the public. But for that the normalcy has to be restored.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The author's concern is well appreciated with a hope that the Tolywood film industry will take the necessary steps & initiatives to normalize the situation in Kerala which has faced a drastic flood situation effecting thousands of life with few having lost their lives too. In the bigger picture & at least there wouldn't be any politics on this.

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