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    Who is watching TV at the time of crisis?

    Kerala is reeling under its worst floods in its history. It is submerged under flood waters. Life has been affected very seriously. Death tolls are increasing. All the rivers flowing in Kerala are overflowing. People are physically watching the fury of flood water passing through area. Many are without food and electricity.

    There are too many Malayalam TV channels for both news and entertainment. While Asianet News and Janam TV channels are telecasting the real life situation in Kerala, all the other TVs are telecasting their own entertaining programmes like films, mega serials, comedy shows, recipes etc.

    My question is: Who is enjoying these TV shows in Kerala? Why can't these TV channels telecast the live news about Kerala?
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    TVs should also understand the problem. As questioned by the author none in Kerala may be in the mood of watching a TV. But some people may be interested to know the condition of various places in the state and what is the status. So all channels should telecast the news about the floods and its latest position and should telecast the required alerts for the benefit of the people. But telecasting movies and other programmes may not be encouraged and no one from Kerala may be interested in seeing these programmes in the times of crisis. Let us hope these channels will understand the condition and do their bit of service to the State and the people.
    always confident

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    One simple fact to be understood here is that we all are into businesses with a focus on generating more revenue & capturing more market share in any particular segment. These are less turned by the sentiments or emotions but instead how the scenario can be formulated so as to increase their TRP. These are not inhuman but the dark side of this real world wherein we are driven by the money oriented economy & so is the case with the media as well.

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    Yes the entertainment channels care shit for the people and they wont show the visuals of actual happenings or they are running any scrolling of help lines or so. Just now I was going through Malayalam channels and Asianet is beaming he Big Boss series. So I immediately went to English channels to know the latest. Good sense must prevail on the channels when the entire state is reeling under nature fury, who the hell would watch their entertainment when there is no current or food to live. Very pathetic,
    K Mohan
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