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    The not so much discussed thing about “Television Rating Point” or TRP.

    Like for any movies in which the emotional touches are added & promoted so as to increase the viewership which is required or necessary to increase their revenues. This became the reality of other media sections as well & the news coverage is no more innocent for having denied of this fact. Although this is not the first time that you would be evident of the camera being poured onto the faces of the family members of the martyred asking about how the things have changed & what they have planned for the future.

    But may be that more of us want to see all those faces & that's why these are captured & shown on the TV & put on the internet for just to serve us. I am not aware of about how the readers have interpreted this whole chapter on the TV or in the internet but how far that you feel this ok with us?
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    With the increase in number of TV channels, the TV channel owners are longing to get more TRP by telecasting silly and very silly events and interviews that is not liked by us.
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    Almost all the TV channels except DD channels are always trying for the highest TRP only. In that pursuit, they forget even ethics and reliability also. They never hesitate even to give fake news also. That is why many people these days are not at all interested in viewing the TV programmes and the viewers are decreasing day by day. The TV channels should understand this mend their ways so that people will start viewing the TV.
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    Every program televised across the nation are being monitored and given rating by various survey companies, which in turn give the figures to the advertising agencies who shall facilitate ads to the respective channels to which the TRP is more and the channel gets more revenue through ads. But what I feel that instead of visiting each house these TRP rating companies are taking he feeds through social media and arriving upon the grading. That is wrong, some may give wrong information too. Field work on TRP should be the real way of ascertaining people response to each program but that involves lots of money for the ascertaining companies.
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