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    Why we call the state of Kerala in India as "God's own country"?

    Why we call our Indian state Kerala as "God's own country'? Is it only Kerala where the God resides? What about other states like Andhra Pradesh where Lord Balaji resides in Tirupathi hills, and Tamilnadu where Lord Karthikeya has six big abodes, and Kolkatta where Goddess Durga lives, and Maharashtra where Lord Ganesh rests, and Kedarnath, Amarnath etc where Lord Shiva resides.

    Why only Kerala is God's own country? Please respond with reasons with due justification.
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    The phrase "God's own country" was coined by the Kerala Tourism Department when the state government wished to market it's high tourism potentialities before the world so as to establish it as one of the preferred tourist destination places in the country. Hope so that this term came into existence during 1989, by Mr Walter Mendez, who was also the Creative Director of a reputed Ad agency in India.

    Considering the above, the overall concept seems having a different approach than expected by most us. The members can correct me or add to this information.

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    Deleted, being duplicate response.
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    I think, the concept of God's own country is to be changed as God played a bad game in Kerala. God created problem to all the Keralites. What sin has been committed by the Keralites to be submerged in this worst hit flood waters? Even God could not save himself. Most of the temples in Kerala are reeling under water. Devotees to Sabari hills got stranded near Pamba. The river side temples were not spared by the fast floods.

    It is the nature that is God. The five elements ( Earth, Sky, Fire, Air, Water) are the real Gods who controls the nature. We should pray and worship them.

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    May be due to presence of famous Sabarimalai Ayyappa in the hill, the Kerala state is called God's own country as the Makara Vilakku that appears is the mystery.
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    There are many famous temples and pilgrim centres in Kerala. Many people visit this place to see all these temples. God has gifted a very good nature to this State. A place full of water and many green trees. All these are maintained well by the people there. This may be the reason the government of Kerala coined that phrase.
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