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    Why Kerala wants Mullaiperiyar Dam water storage level to be reduced to 139 feet?

    After many years of cold war between Kerala and Tamilnadu, Supreme Court, after studying the case well, has passed a judgement to keep the Mullaiperiyar dam water level to 142 feet, though the dam has been tested to be fit to store and maintain water upto 152 feet.

    What is the reason for Kerala to request Tamilnadu to reduce the water storage level to 139 feet? Tamilnadu has politely refused to yield to the request of Kerala. Kerala has taken up the case to the Supreme Court. How this would help Kerala at this present juncture? What could be the motive and the exact reason for reduction?
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    I don't find any logic behind this request by Kerala. TN can pump 2300 cusecs per day to its territory (already TN is doing that) and however remaining water goes to Idukki dam only. Idukki dam is already overflowing and what is use of reducing Mullaiperiyar dam level. Looks like it is pure politics behind this request. Currently MullaiPeriyar dam receives around 25K cusecs of water, TN receives 2300 cusecs from it and remaining goes to Idukki dam.

    Summary of Mullaiperiyar dam issue between TN and Kerala

    1. In Mullai periyar dam, Water can be stored upto 155 ft.
    2. Kerala didn't allow more than 136 ft by raising safety issues (real motive behind this request is to get more water for Idukki dam)
    3. TN went to supreme court
    4. Supreme court formed expert comittee to study the safety of the dam
    5. 4 yrs back, Superme court allowed to store water upto 142 ft based on expert comitte report.


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    It will be ideal for Tamilnadu to take all the water flowing into the Mullaiperiyar dam, and let not the water go below 142 feet. Also, no water should flow into Idukki reservoir as it will aggravate the situation in Kerala. If reduced to 139 feet, it will be a precedent set, and we won't be able to increase the storage level in future. The solution is not to release any water to Kerala's Idukki dam, but take all the water and send it to Bay of Bengal to safeguard Kerala.
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    With due respect to the author, we need not discuss about likely political motives of water levels, when people are suffering and dying facing the wrath and fury of Mother Nature.
    I would say, even if it set a precedence, we should agree for 139 feet to help people in distress, some may feel upset, so be it.
    Some sensible people, now and in the future would thank the authorities of TN for showing concern for fellow Indians.

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    You are not right. What went wrong with the Mullai periyar dam. Nothing has gone wrong. The real cause for requesting to reduce the water level should be clearly explained and understood. Kerala is taking this opportunity to have their old scores settled as they failed miserably to prove their stand. It was only a simple request without any elaborated details about the threat to Kerala by Mullaiperiyar dam. I would say that Kerala politicians are trying to fish in the troubled waters. When TN faced acute shortage of water, No neighbouring states spared water for TN.

    We ISCians can discuss anything at anytime.

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    You are absolutely wrong. It is a miscalculated feeling that the water released at 142 feet will have adverse impact than the water at 139 feet. The water released from Mullai periyar reaches Idukki dam only, not to any other place.

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    Since Kerala is already reeling under the worst hit flood due to incessant rain and overflowing dam waters, the authorities in Tamilnadu will be very careful in releasing the water from Mullai periyar dam. No water will be released to Kerala, but to Vaigai dam in Madurai and finally to Bay of Bengal. TN has efficient PWD engineers to manage the dam water. TN too cares Kerala.
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    Now the height of the said dam becomes the topic to discuss when at the same time the Kerala state is not able to conserve or create means of storing the copious rains that was gifted from the nature. So for at least in future ways and means has to be decided as to what must be done to have more water for both the states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Now the water dispute between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu which was a stand off issue every Aadi month seems to be ended with Karnataka releasing excess water and the Tamil Nadu farmers are happy. That means only nature has to oblige to keep the good relations between the three states.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    At 142 feet, the inflow and outflow in Mulliaperiyar dam is same, and the excess water is released to Tamilnadu. No water is being released from the dam to reach the catchment area of Idukki Dam which has reached its maximum level.
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    Dear All,
    Interested members can go through THIS ARTICLE of mine to understand the Mullai periyar dam in detail.

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