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    Regions named after their specialty.

    I didn't know about this that "Kerala" in Malayalam language means "coconut" & therefore the literary meaning of "Kerala" can be called as "the land of coconuts" & perhaps because of this It naturally got the name "Kerala" because of abundance of coconut trees here.

    Is it the coincidence or is the fact behind its naming or as is known to us by today? If it is the fact than whether the members are also aware of other such interesting conincidences of other regions as well? Pl. share those too with us.
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    In addition & for the information of the members the Malayalam is the language of Kerala.

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    May be some states have been named after their location and nature abundance. For example MP is named as Madhya Pradesh, it is in center of the country.
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    The Sanskrit name of Coconut is Narikelam. Probably from this Kerala has come to Coconut. As this product is very abundant in Kerala, the State might have got the name.
    In Andhra Pradesh. there is a place called Konaseema. Seems means village. Kona means a corner. This area is in a corner of the State. Hence the name has come to that place. This area is also full of coconut trees. When you see this place you feel as if you are in Kerala. That is why this place is famous as Mini Kerala.

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    I'm really positive that Kerala isn't a name that people of their state had originally. Let's be honest, you'll name your state over coconut? Coconut isn't an exotic fruit to enjoy such status. It is the most famous..plantation i believe in the south and south east Asia. It later spread round the world. So...it would be more apt if Indonesia was named after coconuts because that is where coconuts are from in the first place. Then what was Kerala called? Many things at different times. The name "Kerala" was given to it by the countries that traded with it. Karnataka, Goa and Kerala were called Parashurama Kshetram in ancient times. Kerala instead was known as Chera for long time. It is hard to determine the meaning of "Chera". Chera stayed such from 300 BC to 1200 AD. Later Cholas took over. Then Vijayanagara kingdom took over the land.
    I guess only later when the French and Portugese came here, this land was unanimously called Kerala, owing to the abundance of coconuts.

    Most states are newly formed, so finding their names tied to their speciality is very difficult. Tripura was a downright mythological city. But today we have a state claiming it was that mythological city. The empire of Vanga, no wonder is West Bengal today. Anga is Assam today. States are organised as per languages so few states just named themselves after their languages, like Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh. India had provinces with loosely defined borders for a long time. So worrying about new states cannot yield us the same magnificence.

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