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    Disparity among City School Education and Village School Education.

    We have been seeing a great disparity between city schools and village schools, isn't this affecting the learning of the village children in our country?
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    True. There is a lot of difference between the students getting trained in a village school and a student trained in a city school. It can be told in other words as the disparity between the government school students and private school students.
    The standards in the government schools are coming down. The teachers in government schools are being paid very good salaries and having many other comforts. But how many of these teachers are doing justice to their jobs is the question? A teacher in a private school will be given some targets and he will lose his job. The salaries received will be proportional to his performance and ability.
    So in government schools also somebody should be made answerable for the results? Then only some respectability will come to the education in government schools and village education also. The government should think about introducing English medium education in village schools also.

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    The main reason for setback and difference between village school education and city school education is that the teachers are not willing to serve in villages. Most of the well educated are stay put in the cities, and they are well versed with commuting within shorter period to their destination thus feel comfort and wont accept appointments to the school situated in villages. However the TS government has been insisting for at least three years service by every teacher in a village school and then they can opt for the permanent job as teacher in any city school of their preference based on mutual transfers.
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    Thanks for your valuable replies, yes agreed with the thoughts, but we really need to have some kind of effective mechanism to improve it in our country. Hope this scenario changes in the coming days.

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    For me the main reason is based on the facilities being provided in either of the schools. The city schools are equipped with better resources in comparison to the village schools wherein you wouldn't even have the good teaching staff. We have huge competition in the city & therefore whosoever reaches to become the teacher is well tested & exposed to the latest of the information which would be lacking in comparison to the rural areas. This directly impacts the quality of education in the respective schools. In addition & stating that, "isn't this affecting the learning of the village children in our country", yes we agree but it's again important to note that most of the administrative exams are cleared by the candidates from the UP & Bihar states.

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