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    What exactly qualifies as a proof

    Recently a thread of mine got locked. The reason was that I didn't have enough proof backing me up. The thread in itself is not my concern. Since then a question stuck in my mind. What is a proof exactly? A claim from which source classifies as a proof?
    Can a documentary that does enough research before coming out on TV and internet, serve as a proof? Is a piece of news from NDTV a proof? A newspaper article from a well known newspaper?
    Proof. When I think more about it, I think I need a proof for proof now.
    If documentaries are indeed proofs, then that thread of mine didn't deserve to be locked. The video in question, as I clearly explained later, is from a documentary "Animals like us". I grew up watching that show and I believe everything I observed in that is true.
    Are not proofs debated over? People always doubt the source. Back to the topic, proof. When I was participating in MUN (model United nations), they clearly specified that I was required to research and learn only from BBC, apparently the most trusted source. But is it really? BBC is a channel. Profit is its paramount. Though it is owned by the government, it makes money by selling its shows to public or private channels. A survey even says that only 48% of BBC news is accurate. BBC just like any other news channel, gets its news from "trusted sources" aka local whistleblowers. No wonder why BBC can milk more news that anyone else. I'm not trying to sound sceptical here but all news in general are rumors. Because what we watch, is what we observe, our perception.

    Proof. What is a proof then? A unison opinion? Scientific proofs are always accepted and debunked. But what about social news like these? What is proof really anymore?
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    What I feel that the information shared here which is out of thinking level of people over here, can be construed as non importance and deleted without concerning to proof.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Thumbs-up to you man. Recently one of the thread of mine got locked & then later on also got deleted. I raised a separate thread referring to the original one but that too got locked after an explanation that the same wasn't based on any factual proof. Now I don't find that thread here. Because I am working on another's platform & so feel that it's ok & there is no need to think on this too much & so let it be. I felt sad that at least we could have debated on that thread because who knows that other members might be having some knowledge on given subject.

    But well appreciate the author here for the way in which he has briefed the things here.

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    What is the proof? a good question. But I don't what is the correct answer for it. In olden days we all used to get news only through the newspapers and radio news. Some newspapers used to give some news which is not confirmed by just keeping a small question mark at the end. The letters are big and the question mark is small. So people used to see the news only but not the question mark. But there were some newspapers which are waiting for the confirmation of the news and then only they were used to publish. So many old people used to purchase those papers only which are giving confirmed news. That is the proof for them to believe the news. Like this various people will have their own sources which they believe as confirmed.
    Similarly in ISC if you want to publish a job you have to give a link to the website of the institute which has given the advertisement and reference of the advertisement source.

    always confident

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    Yes Mr. Rao I understand. And are opinions and observations allowed to be posted on ISC? Or just thoroughly verified facts? All I talked about was a -certain baboon troop in Eastern Africa who appeared to be taming stray dogs. Now even with the naked eye, the video shows dogs hanging out with Baboons, which in itself is very interesting considering they are enemies. What sort of proof am I supposed to give for a behaviour? It's a behaviour that is seen by observers. It was documented. It was aired on Discovery network. It is a footage that is well agreed upon by people that its legit.
    I'm really confused here. Is there a proof required for a behavior ? Don't news reporters just report what they see on national television? Don't animal behavior experts just report new found behaviours? Can there be a proof to behavior? This question hasn't let me sleep.

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    Thank you Ved Prakash for appreciating my lamentation.
    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Ok. Aditya. I understand your point. But we have to get on. Sometimes it happens. We should not take them very seriously and think about that. Just leave and march forward. Otherwise, we will waste our good time on unnecessary thoughts. I think these things don't worth that much time.
    always confident

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    Today there are many fake things moving around in the social media and there are many fictitious news also making rounds in discussion channels and other internet forums.

    In such a situation it is difficult to separate the truth from the falacy and real from the fake.

    No one can provide a proof for what one has presented. One can only provide the reference from where it is taken.

    So the onus of originality lies elsewhere. Still, we can also not shirk from our responsibility of distinguishing between the reliable and unreliable. If we have a doubt on a news item or information we should never propagate it further. The question of asking proof is nipped in the bud there itself.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The meaning of 'proof' in your question can be described as this, as described in a dictionary: the effect of evidence sufficient to persuade a reasonable person that a particular fact exists.

    Proving facts is essential in matters of law, crime, justice and so on. When it comes to life, the truth stands no matter what other things come to attack it: it is like light that destroys darkness. In modern science based on evolutionary thought, proof does not matter except when it promotes the prejudiced idea. In terms of faith in God, proof is often revealed to each person in a very special and personal way; sometimes it is public knowledge, other times it is not.

    In social media, it is often a fluid situation, things change this way and that, and you just kind of roll with it to stay on top. You will always have options to bring the same topic from different angles. So the advantage is yours.

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    Well Bala, falling back to my actual concern, are documentaries proofs? Are newspapers and channels proof? I'm not talking about social media at all. It's mass media all the way. And mass media has verified sources.
    So tell me Bala, how can I prove that a behavior I observed is true or false? I observed and that is it. I pointed out my observations here. I even linked the source of my observation as a documentary in my thread. Where exactly I lacked proof here?

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    If you find your post locked, it doesn't matter. Just find another way to post it again, but from a different angle and in such a way it cannot be considered for locking. Perhaps you can show multiple instances where such things happened, and your sources are tested out for reality.

    Mass media is sold out to vested interests, no matter which famous person vouches for it. If you are a guy who believes in evolution, your creativity is naturally increased, and you'll be able to find verifiable content :)

    No point in starting another boring session of junky, petty arguments that clogged this site till a few weeks back regarding why some threads got closed.

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    Well, sometimes there are cases where no proof exists, still people believe them as fact. God is the classical example of this.

    No one has ever been able to give the proof of God's existence, but still everybody believes that God exists. No one has ever blocked the way to temples, saying that as we really don't have a solid proof of His existence, we are shutting down the temples.

    Truth don't need the proof, and Fiction cannot be proved as Truth by giving proof.

    "If you want to make real progress, you must give up all ideas of personal attainment".

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    If we go on speaking on the factual grounds then there is no such kind of things in existence. In this huge world we only can go ahead with the expected or estimated & so we can't have the exact figure. In an instance wherein we have talked of the population of India or of the world, adding with the percentage share of each of the religions & communities then it's never possible because simply it's impossible. But slightly on the other side if I am biased then for sure that I would like to go as per my taste & suppose that in the same situation wherein I am ruling on the floor then I would like to have everything as per me is of no doubt.

    This above remained the scenario or case of everywhere.

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