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    Is Kerala a victim of Global warming?

    The unprecedented heavy rains in the most beautiful State, with the hardest working population of India, called Kerala, is now reeling under the worst floods. The people of the State are spread throughout India, and every corner of the world. They are contributing to the flood relief.

    There are some doubts now being raised in some quarters as to whether this unseasonable and totally unprecedented rains can be attributed to global warming in one way or the other.

    How is that the rains are not going away at all, bring life to a virtual standstill?

    Members who know the technical details may please provide answers.
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    What! Global warming and flood in Kerala! Funny. If we ask the question to the ruling party politician as to why the rain played havoc in Kerala, he would say that it was a conspiracy by the opposition parties to damage the image of the ruling party. If we ask the question to a Namboodiri or temple poojari, he would say that the people were not faithful to the God and the temple poojas were not performed in right order. If we ask the question to the public, they would say that the PWD authorities responsible to maintain the dam failed to manage the water level in dams. If we ask the same to an anti-Tamilian, he would say it was due to Mullaiperiyar dam water level.

    Global warning will not affect one state of India.

    No life without Sun

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    In a satirical mode I agree with Mr. Sun but seem not in place that "Global warning will not affect one state of India". We must be aware of the fact of the changing climatic conditions wherein we having unexpected rains & increased temperatures in different parts of our country which is not natural to its occurrences. In the meantime this can't be called as the extremism scenario but can't deny of the fact that this has started already & soon will gather speed if not taken care of soon. If we agree to the fact that more than 50% of the population is devoid of clean drinking water & that the water resources are getting dried up much earlier from its scheduled time, if not conveying the warning messages to us than what are all these?

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    These rains and floods are may not be due to global warming. This is what I feel from my limited knowledge. The effects of global warming are different. That we are experiencing mostly in summer. Acid rains may be due to Global warming but not heavy rains. But one thing is sure that all these problems are definitely due to the abuse of nature by the mankind. We don't care for upkeeping the integrity of nature. Then we should not expect nature to behave softly towards us. It will also show its power one way or other.
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    Although global warming is a major problem all over the world, I think that the present flood of Kerala is not directly related to global warming. This is the largest rainfall since 1924 in Kerala. Such a disaster, although very unfortunate, can happen once in 94 years.
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    What I feel that the curse of the God is playing havoc and wants to teach the lesson to the rulers in the government that given the powers they should not go beyond their limit and challenge the age old traditions of rituals being observed in the temples and thus God were furious and shown their anger. I am referring to the decision of allowing women inside the the Sabarimala temple which is totally uncalled for and invited the wrath of the rain God. No one has got any right to interfere and change the age old practices just because they have the power and can change the existing rules and they had it. Now the temple itself has sunk in the water and the rain is continuing in Kerala. The history says that this state was created for the Brahmins to live in peace. But over the years we have seen other religions taking over and the state has become atheist. and hence the Gods were not happy.
    K Mohan
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    Mohan Ji,
    Your response #645744 is quite interesting. You are saying that challenging age old traditions invite God's wrath and showing that the decision of women allowing visiting the temple is the prime cause of the devastating flood in Kerala. I agree that sometimes, nature is doing some balancing act.But,I am not finding any logic behind linking these two subjects.
    'The history says that this state was created for the Brahmins to live in peace. But over the years we have seen other religions taking over and the state has become atheist. and hence the Gods were not happy'
    Which history says that? I would like to know. Can you explain further?

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    I think, it is the fury of Lord Sri Ayyappa against the decision to permit ladies to visit Sabari hills.
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    Is it necessary to discuss these things at the present juncture? Let us first save people. Then let us send them back to their own home. Thereafter re-build the beautiful state seeking the blessings of Lord Ayappa.
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