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    Was Atal Bihari Vajpeyijee a poet plotician or a political poet?

    As per my point of view now a days there are many politivians who can write or who are authors somewhere simultaneously. Many actors and singers are also active in the politics. But apart from those Ataljee was the born poet and the politeness of his poetry made him a polite poet politician.

    He could achieve more than he had as a poet in literature field. But I would like to call him a true all rounder who could make alive his passion with politics amd after that slowly slowly his passion became the greatest weapon for the rest of his life. I don't see him the non violence promoter because he defeated lots of enemies with the weapon of the words.

    What is your opinion for the poet and politics?
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    For me ne never complicated the things by mixing poetry with the politics. He always took those as separate entities. Along with this I would like to keep him as one of the rarest of the speakers who were very effective in their communications. The use of the most sophisticated words along with the most effective body language was his USP & would always be remembered in the political arena. We can't deny of the fact of him as the most beloved politician of the Indian history after 1947.

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    He is a poet and he is a politician. He continued to be a poet during his active life as a politician. He is a good orator and that made him a good friend of many people and he was very well known as Ajata Satruvu. He used to speak very precisely and he was very able to see that the listener will get his words understood the way he wanted. As mentioned by our Ex-PM. Manmohan Singh, he is the Bhishma Pitamaha of Indian Politics. He maintained his speciality and proved his sincerity as a true patriot and he never came out of ethical values for the sake of power and position. He will be remembered forever by Indians for his good governance and modest behaviour.
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    For me he was a simple great extra ordinary person with immense knowledge of various aspects and can gauge a person by his face. He never shown his position nor acted head strong over his political achievements. He was simple and speaks sense. And others have no options but to listen and ponder over. He was not a poet politician or a political poet, but a staunch supporter of RSS ideologies , seasoned man with his great principles of life, wont compromise his thinking abilities with the advise of others, and above all he expressed the displeasure on the face of the persons not liked by him.
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