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    Is it necessary to declare a holiday on eve of Vajpayee death?

    As Ex-Prime Minister of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, yesterday died at 6pm as a respect to that today so many government organizations and schools have a holiday(in 13-14 states). Is it necessary to declare a holiday for the ex-prime minister? As the only way, we have to pay tribute to Ex-Prime Minister is to work this day and show our discipline as it will act as the catalyst to move the country forward. is n't it? Do you agree with me? Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    In a country where respect is shown by closing public offices, this is quite natural. In Central Government offices, half day leave has been declared. The reason is not fully understood by all.
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    I agree with the author with his second opinion that, "we have to pay tribute to Ex-Prime Minister is to work this day and show our discipline as it will act as the catalyst to move the country forward". On the other hand allowing one day leave or one day holiday doesn't seems to be the good move by majority of us as we know about how we celebrate our holydays but having a good option for adding on with the discussions on various social platforms should be welcome which would be based on the ideas of improvements which can further be implemented to improve the situations around us.

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    You won't believe this Bhushan but I too was wanting to ask the same thing. I saw your thread right before posting mine. I tried to ask the same question to elders and they simply replied its BJP's rule and their wish. You see, if this were an uneventful accident, then there was a reason to announce a holiday to reduce the panic among citzens. But we lost an elderly man well advanced in age. His death was natural and well. Infact his death has been a topic of discussion since last two months, back when he was seriously ill. So this death was no way unanticipated. Vajpayee did all that he could and breathed his last peacefully.
    We must honor him with a salute and proceed with our routine.

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    #645559, saying the complete sense in just one line, "We must honor him with a salute and proceed with our routine". Hope so that this is good enough to convey a sensible meaning for all of us.

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    I feel, a national holiday is not necessary. Since he is a great leader of BJP, and BJP being the ruling party, they have taken their own decision to declare a holiday. This will be a precedent set to declare a holiday for the ruling party leaders departing in future.
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    I would agree with the author and few replies. Respect for departed leaders can be shown in various forms and the unproductive one of them is declaring national holidays. Cutting across political parties, the Government/state machinery and other institutions including education should function as normal after observing a few minutes of silence for the departed leaders.

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    Well by giving holiday the government has expressed its solidarity with the feelings of the great leader who was expired. It is us up to the people to take the leave in right manner. Some have really rushed to the Delhi to pay their last respect by personally attending to the funeral rites. Some are glued to the television to witness the happenings at the Delhi sitting from their home. But leave has been utilized by many to attend their personal pending works. By the way it is customary to announce holiday for those who were famous and created a mark of themselves with the society and Atalji is no mean here.
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    Yes. It is not necessary to declare a holiday by all state governments to show respect for the departed leader. But declaring half day leave in Delhi for all the offices may be a reasonable gesture by the Central Government as the people in government offices may participate the last ceremony of the departed leader. The central government offices in other places can work as usual. But it has become a practice in our country to declare a holiday on such occasions. Slowly it should be stopped. When compared to earlier days there is a change in the attitude. Earlier days there were incidents where holidays were declared even when small leaders expired also. I think it will further change in the coming days.
    We can show our respective by observing 3 minutes silence and then we can go for our routine works. Even schools also need not be given a holiday for such occasions.

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