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    Students take yoga Route to wellness

    Best Foot forward :
    The times Foundation and akshar yoga launched a three month free student wellness programme at SJ polytechnic college on Thursday. Around 300 students took part in the programme,which seeks to increase memory power and concentration.it was inaugurated by SJ polytechnic principal Ragini BR, and yoga master Akshar Nath assisted the students in practicising Asanas and breathing techniques.
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    Good initiative by the SJ polytechnic college. Its good to know that the Yoga traditions being adopted & implemented & widely in acceptance to the citizen here. During earlier times this seemed to have some myths with concern to the religious inclinations but this has fallen apart & now followed in general. The author can also come up with few attachments so as to create some more awareness to the others.

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    Very nice that a school has taken the initiative of giving Yoga training to 300 students which is very useful for the students to do well. Definitely, it will help the students to maintain their fitness and they will become more active also. Their memory power will also increase and they will become more disciplined. I feel other educational institutes also should understand the importance of yoga and they can also take such initiatives so that the students will get benefitted. My appreciations to SJ polytechnic college
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    This is really a good information about consciousness on Yoga. But the author could have mentioned some details of SJ Polytechnic College which organised the programme. Where is the institute located?
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    It's a good initiative indeed. The hectic schedule of our everyday life has taken a toll on the students also and they feel more pressurized than earlier times. To keep the body and mind in a wonderful way is the solution to many problems and is achieved through Yoga. By practicing these Yoga and different breathing techniques from early life helps a person to develop a positive state of mind that keeps the desire of seeking knowledge growing throughout the life. I feel this type of initiative of conducting wellness programmees has to be taken up by many schools/colleges to shape the mind of the young ones.

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    The life of students has become more challenging at the schools , colleges and also at the homes. The pressure of studies, keeping ahead in competition, scoring good marks, having a say in the society and above all being a obedient child to the parents are keeping the students on the tender hook and lots of stress. Over and above the project works initiated at the school and college level needs coordination and cooperation to which the students are getting over exhausted and it is good that Yoga is helping them to regain the normalcy in life and they are able to forge ahead. The wellness program through Yoga has been recognized in the recent past, thanks to the impetus and action taken by our Prime Minister Narender Modi who prevailed upon UN to accord a day for International Yoga day and thus students across the world have understood the need of doing Yoga to keep fit and free from the stress.
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