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    How do you manage your jobs?

    In any official or personal lives, we carry on with lots of important tasks that often it is not found to be legitimate or suitable to keep everything in the mind & do the job. If the tasks are little then it's good enough to make a remind & revision of all but in the case that the tasks are huge in numbers then possibly we wouldn't be comfortable enough to take a note on but rather would like to automatize the processing. One of the best examples here could be of reminding the birthday dates of your favorites which if most of us agreeing than the same we are maintaining in our mobile database. Although any of us would also know this the same day with the use of Facebook.

    For any additional reminders, would be good to know from the other members as well.
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    The autopay method for various payments for our credit cards, insurance premiums and loans will be a good method so that the banks will send you SMS before time so that you can organise money in the bank. The reminder for medicine taking can be organised in the mobile so that you will get alarm from the cell in time. Birthday reminders will come from various sources like Geni, facebook etc. Like that we have many facilities for getting reminders for our to-do list.
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