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  • Category: Miscellaneous

    Why less participation today by the members?

    I witnessed this in the past that by this time the top contributor of the day would have already exceeded the 100 points but now a days this got limited to within this boundary & even been slowed down too. I don't feel that we having with the lesser resources here but seems to be that the excitement has gone down a bit. Well this could be one of the reason but the members are requested to come out with their suggestions so as to increase their participation.
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    I think that during the last few days very few Members crossed the century mark. Most probably the main reason behind this is less contribution in Job sub-section. Mr. Pramod has left. Ms. Ravishankar has not been posting now (I hope he is fit and fine). Other major contributors in this sub-section (Mr. Mahato, Mr. Babu Saroj, MK and Ms. Vimla) are not posting much.

    So, scoring century has become rare. Further, the articles are being reviewed slowly. So, the individual score during the last few days is less than the average.

    This scarcity of runs, oof, points will be over very soon.

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    Earlier days the main contributors are from the job section and they are scoring a lot. But now we see fewer people are scoring in that section. The points scored in the Articles section will not be added in daily count. They will come in the monthly count only I think. That may be the main reason for this fewer scores.
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    Just to correct & as per my experience, the points from the Articles section is also added in the daily counts. Pl. correct me if I am wrong.

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    Nothing like that as even from admin, there would be more contributions daily and that may cross over 100 points. But most of the members are from Kerala and the situation of flood is very grim and many are not having power also and there fore sharing also become scarce to this forum. By the way the last funeral rites are being held when I was posting this site, and the whole day the members would have been busy with the television having the last glimpse of late Atal Bihari Vajpayee and thus the contributions are less. Nevertheless by late evening many may join to share their contributions.
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    Mr. Anand: The points scored by a Member from approved Articles are added with the daily count, but only after approval of the Article. So, the points scored in Articles are not immediately reflected in the daily score-card. If we check the score-card of a particular day after ten days or so, the points for an approved article written on that day will be shown.
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    There may be many reasons for this low activity but I feel that it may be a periodic phenomenon.

    If we observe the historic daily accrued points we may find such episodes in the past also. So this is governed by a statistical pattern in which there are variations in a band and whenever we are at the lower end of the band we feel that activity is low.

    If it continues for a longer time then it may become a matter of concern.

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    While the country is mourning the death of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, and the flood situation in Kerala, how can we discuss issues in ISC? Nevertheless, I am active in ISC forum .
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