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    What could be the most irritating things about you?

    This is quite obvious that yours overall personality may have got with the numbers of likes which you never had expected but still no one is perfect & so there might be something about you which is irritating to others . Have you ever have come-up with self-introspection about those qualities which gets you down sometimes than what you have come-up to fill the gaps here. We know that it's not easy to be evident of our weaknesses but is necessary so as to come over those & define a better image of ourselves.

    What do you say onto this?
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    I was having an intimate discussion on this particular issue with my wife right now. She has opined that I, as a total package, cause irritation to her, because I will have to perform some special duty tomorrow in office (a holiday) due to the grim flood situation in Kerala. I have fully accepted her prudent opinion.
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    My nature is that I want the works to be completed as quickly as possible with 100% perfection. Many people say that it is causing the irritation. Especially for my subordinates, this is very irritating. Another habit I have is to attend the meetings at least 10 minutes before time. This is also causing irritation to some of my colleagues in the office. I don't spend time by chit chatting in the house. My family members always get irritated by this.
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    So if the others Is getting irritated then do you mind of those or preferred to be ignorant of the fact?

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    Interesting question.

    I think a habit of mine that really irritates and ruffles people's feathers is my candour. I am too forthright and direct, for other people's comfort, because I do not mince word, I calls 'em like I sees 'em. People get uncomfortable and irritated when they are caught on the wrong foot with me. I ask pointed questions, which some don't like.

    To answer the next question. I can definitely sense the opposite person(s) irritation and agitation and it is most palpable when they have no answer to my question(s). I definitely want the conversations (debates) to end amicably because whatever I mention or ask is relevant to the topic under discussion. I seek answers, but when there are none, the other people become angry and bitter.

    I too like to keep time, as someone else has mentioned, but I am the one who ends up feeling the disappointment because it's the others who do not keep time. It doesn't irritate them.; they care a hang about other people's time.

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    The habits that I find irritating in myself and the ones that others find irritating are different in my case.
    I can deliberately shadow my annoying behaviours because I know what exactly is wrong with my hardware. This can make me look more hospitable.

    Now, what are things I find annoying about myself:
    1. I'm immensely egocentric. For me..its always about myself. My profit. My business. I'm way too much of myself. That is my issue. I try to handle it by trying to pay attention to other's feelings and listening to their tales. But still I can't stop myself from interrupting them and telling my own stories.
    That is my biggest flaw.
    2. I have this weird habit of reviewing and rating stuff. Stuff could be anything from a ringtone to my love for someone. This is very weird. I haven't found anyone yet with similar compulsion. Imagine you gave me a cookie. I'll eat it and explain to you what all I liked about it. I'll even rate it out of 10. That sort of compulsion has angered many of my colleagues. They didnt wanted reviews. They just wanted my genuine feelings.
    3. My cynicism. I can't stop roasting people for their flaws.

    So I do actively work on things that I find irritating myself. But I can't really help but being irritating.

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