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    Great rescue acts by Indian Navy in Kerala

    Just now I have seen the videos uploaded by Indian Navy. In one video, the Navy divers are seen rescuing a small boy. Flight diver Amit can be seen rescuing a child from the roof of a house. In another video, Cdr Vijay Verma has rescued a fully pregnant lady. She was airlifted to the Naval Hospital at Kochi. The lady, Sajitha Jabil, delivered a baby safely at Naval hospital in Kochi only two hours later.

    The navy divers have been hailed as "hero" by the online community. In addition to the Air Force, Army and Navy, NDRF has also been working round-the-clock to rescue flood-stricken people. Another twelve additional teams of NDRF have joined the rescue operations since morning.

    Let us give full support to our Armed Forces and NDRF to their rescue operations. Let us salute these great men.
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    It is true. The Army persons are extending excellent service in rescuing the affected people. Their services are very appreciated by many and we see many social site postings admiring these people for their services. We all should salute these people who are not caring for their lives in protecting the people in trouble. Hats off to them.
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    Normally Navy wont advertise their acts of courage and bravery and all is done with silent. The way they rescued the 101 year old women from the stranded floods was commendable. Like wise a just delivered women was rescued with her baby to the safer place. These all good works are never reported in the national media. Thanks to the social media, we are getting up to date information and thus shared with others. And Army has constructed the temporary bridge over the swelling river and that was the great relief to the locals to have access to the other side of their village.
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    Whenever there are natural calamities and disasters, our armed personnels and NDRF teams which rise to the occasion and provide a great help and relief to the suffering people.

    I salute to these efficient and brave people who are helping the public in adverse and tough situations.

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    Our Armed forces kill/destroy our enemies with their missiles, tanks and guns during the war, but save the public from natrual disasters during peace time using their crafts, boats, ropes and life jackets. During floods, naval divers are deployed to carryout their mission. Naval divers are bold and courageous officers and sailors specially selected for diving activities.

    I feel happy that Indian Navy divers with Army and Air Force are doing their best in rescuing the flood affected people. Also the Naval/AF helicopters, the pilots and airmen who airlift the stranded people from their house tops, and also the airdrop of food pockets. The Military Engineering Service also doing their best to rescue the affected by constructing temporary bridges.

    Presently, the Armed force is the God in God's own country to save the people.

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