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    Kalateshwari Kali Temple, Kalat, Baluchistan

    The population of Hindus in Pakistan is presently around 1.5%. The Hindu population mainly resides in Karachi and other desert and semi-desert districts of Sindh (Tharparker, Nagarparker, Meethi, Dadu and Umerkot). However, some Hindus also live in the biggest province of Pakistan, i.e., in Baluchistan.

    The biggest and most sacred temple of Hindus in Pakistan is located at Baluchistan. Hinglaj Mata Temple is a very revered shakti-peeth. Even now, every year the Jatha (groups of pilgrims) goes to Hinglaj from Karachi. Some Indians who are fortunate enough to get visa also get included in the Jatha.

    However, I have come to know that another Hindu Temple still functions very properly in Baluchistan. This is a Kali Temple located at Kalat in Baluchistan. The Temple is almost two thousand years old. Kalat is a region of Baluchistan whose ruler wanted to join India after independence, but Pakistani Army attacked and captured the princely state immediately after the country's independence. Kalat's population includes 2% of Hindus.

    Goddess Kalateshwari Kali in Kalateshwari Kali Temple is worshipped regularly. Diwali is celebrated with much fanfare. As Kalateshwari Kali Mata is revered by the local Muslims also, they generally co-operate during the Pujas.
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    Beware! I question everything and everybody.


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    Beware! I question everything and everybody.


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    Nice to know about it. Anthropologists agree that goddesses are prone to be prayed to in tribal societies while gods in male dominant civilizations. So these shakti peeths are archaeologically and culturally ancient. They can tell us how we all were different tribes before. Aryans had 16 provinces throughout India during their lifetime. The later kingdoms are all so scattered. For a long time India was distributed among tribes. But a little over 500-1000 years ago, due to multiple military expansions newer territories got included into civilisation and the Hinduism we know sprung into being.
    Sanathan dharm experts might feel that I'm lying here but I'm not. Hinduism underwent a drastic change only in last 1000 years.
    We all independently worshipped a "devi" before the advent of Bhakti moment. Getting to know more about devi and her origins, we will embrace original faith.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    The information is given is very good and happy to note that there are very good temples in Pakistan also. It is good to note that the temple is 2000 years old and is being maintained properly. It is also nice to note that they celebrate Deepavali in some places in Pakistan also.
    always confident

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    The image of Goddess Kali
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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