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    What a nice thing to understand the event!

    Both Dr. M Karunanidhi (94) and Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee(94) took birth in the year 1924, and both died in the year 2018.

    Kerala faced the same flood in the year 1924 when the leaders were born, and again in the year 2018 when they died. Should we not dedicate this Kerala flood to the great leaders Karunanidhi and Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

    It might look silly and funny, but it is the truth to understand.
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    We should not ridicule such things with the tall leaders , that may be a co incidence but should not be glorified and carried forward. Nature has been playing a balancing act now and then and to that no one can predict the disaster of magnanimous effect. By the way personalities are different and they fought for the life in different way. While Karunanidhi was the stalwart from South and had his say even in National politics, Vajpayee on the other hand was solely responsible to bring in coalition politics and prove to the world that even with smaller parties a stable government at the center can be formed and run with success. And coming to the nature fury, it may be the coincidence of the year of the birth of the tall leaders and nature reactions on that year. In Tamil every year has the name and consequences attached to it. Probably that worked in this case and hence some people have related the happenings.
    K Mohan
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    So many other people might have born in the year 1924 and many might have died in the year 2018. When we are very happy we will get tears. When we are very worried also we will get tears. Probably when these two leaders born, the nature is so happy that it couldn't control its happiness. That may be the reason for floods in Kerala at that time. Now the same nature was very unhappy for the death of these two famous personalities and it can't control its worry and result in heavy tears which were turned to be flooded.
    These things are coincidences. I feel and we should not say they are the reasons for the happenings. There are many reasons for these natural calamities and they are mainly manmade only. If we can control our desires and be content with whatever we have, I think these natural calamities will also come down. Many may differ with my opinions but I can't change my thoughts on these issues.

    always confident

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    Dr. Rao,
    You said it well, The nature shed its uncontrollable joyful tears that flooded when the two leaders were born in 1924, and cried and shed uncontrollable tears that flooded when the two leaders departed from this world. Good, that you said it well.

    No life without Sun

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    I don't get it this way but agreed with Mr. Mohan. In addition, there could be many more co-incidences but it's up to us to decide about how we take it but this doesn't sound even funny to relate the occurrences with the lives of any of those leaders.

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    Mr Sun what you have said is correct. And you have come across about that event. And you have explain it nicely. I think it is called as coincidence also. And we can dedicate this to our leaders who recently passed away.
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    such a famous personalities born and dies nation hold a greatness of their events.but we should not come across negative event floods in kerala is all about nature incident.

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    These are mere coincidences and they can be attributable to the great persons of that time.

    Linking natural phenomenon to great personalities is very common and the narratives evolved out of this are amusing and intriguing.

    Knowledge is power.

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