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    Some one predicted that Tamilnadu will face severe natural disaster in this year.

    One reputed astrologer has predicted that Tamilnadu, especially the southern districts, will face a worst natural disaster in some form which will be worse than Kerala floods. It could be worst flood, or earth quake, or Tsunami.
    I am from the extreme south where the three seas merge. What should I/we do?
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    From the recent and on going flood situation in Kerala is the indicator that the coastal districts in India are vulnerable to severe rains and floods there by damaging most of the places which were occupied by the human habitat. Every year the coastal Kerala is getting shrink due to soil erosion from the force of sea water and that is continuing in other coastal districts of Tamil Nadu and AP too. Well I have not come across any astrological predictions of severe rains on the lines of Kerala towards Tamil Nadu, but in the recent past across the country the nature has been so furious and showing its bad character to which the ordinary citizen cannot withstand the vagaries of its severeness. But being alert is important, and one must watch the waves behavior at the sea and fisherman must consult the weather forecast before venturing into the sea. I pray to the God nothing should happen as such.
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    I don't know how good is that astrologer. What are the factors he has considered in making this statement? After knowing these points only we may be able to comment. If the astrologer can predict the time and tell in advance people there can escape from there and human loss can be minimised.
    But we can't completely believe on these predictions. They may not be always correct. So let us not start worrying about it. Let the astrologer come out with more clarity. I hope definitely the weather forecasting centres can identify the potential dangers and people can be saved so that minimum damage will only happen.

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    Tamilnadu is also facing flood in their land like Kerala due to SW monsoon. Many thousand people have been shifted to relief camps. It might continue during NE monsoon. Both Tamilnadu and Kerala will be affected during the period October to December.
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    Who is that astrologer predicted disaster in TN? How he predicted?
    I think, you can start shifting to Himalaya's!

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    There are many astrologers. We need not believe the astrology. We need to wait and watch. I remember one Sadhu predicted that there would be a Tsunami attack in Tamilnadu in the month of December 2018. It is alleged that the same sadhu had predicted the 2004 Tsunami, but no one heeded to his prediction.

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