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    Why not ask every Indian citizen to contribute?

    The Kerala rains are so huge and have completely washed away many houses. Thousands have literally lost everything. Why not more people chip in? For example, if all the IT people donate just one month's salary and all Government Staff all over India also donate just one day's salary, the poor people, who have been badly affected, can restart their lives.

    It is gratifying to note that some donations are pouring in from the NRIs. But this is just not enough. After the rains stop, the poor should not be left in the lurch. Common people can donate whatever they can to the Government fund.

    It is now the time to raise as a Nation. Let the voluntary help pour in from all over the world. The NRIs should not be restricted to Kerala people. Every NRI has a duty to perform. Let us all do it. On my part, I have already made a donation to the Government fund.
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    Now that the severe impact of the Kerala floods has been estimated and understood, the genuine donations has already started pouring in. TS government has donated 25 crore and AP government has donated 10 crore. As regards individual donations are concerned it has to route through bank account or directly to the CM relief fund of Kerala. I have even advised on the twitter to the government that let the central funds directly be given to the beneficiary to their Aadhaar account linked to their banks. There by there is no question of mishandling the relief funds. And every one then contribute to PM relief fund directly.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Yes Sir. THE HINDU has also started a campaign. This is a highly ethical organization. The details are there in today's newspaper. There are other organizations also helping out with food, blankets, drinking water and so on. This is an excellent development.

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    Generally in such times the Govt issues a notice of information to all its departments and offices including PSUs to voluntarily donate one day salary for this noble act. It is a practice and tradition that people come forward and agree for this proposition. This creates a good kitty in Govt coffers and wherever needed this money is utilised.

    Other than that there are many NGOs and charitable agencies which raise money and send it to the local help groups for supporting the people who have been adversely affected by the calamities.

    So I do not think that funds are a constraint in such times. Only thing is the authorities involved in these actions should do it sincerely and honestly otherwise any amount raised through the public goodwill will be useless.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I am kind of broke this month but if I get a payment from ISC this month I'll try to give the fifty percent of it to the Kerala Flood victims. I saw an option in PAYTM yesterday saying to donate to the flood victims. All my friends have already started donating. My main fear is in this chaos, some hoarders will give fake links and numbers trapping the innocent. So before we donate we need to verify the website or the medium of money transfer.
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    All the offices in the private sector started collecting donations. In our organisation, one day salary of all the employees is being deducted and that will be sent to CM fund of Kerala for the service of the affected persons. Similarly the other offices also I understand are collecting money in cash or kind to help the victims. In the hour of need, everyone should come forward to help the needy and contribute their best for the affected people. Many people are coming forward to help and it will continue. We wish the rains will come down and all the people will come to normal at the earliest. I pray God for the wellbeing of all the Keralites.
    always confident

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    Apart from collecting funds and donating it to the Government, the government should publish the list of Keralites who were affected by the floods. The list should have the Bank account number and the cell phone number and address of the person. Anyone interested may contact them and help them by sending money to them through post offices or net banking or visit personally to hand over the cash.

    This is the time when many will try to fish in the troubled waters. Before donating, ensure that you are donating it to the right organisation to reach the affected people only, not into someone's pocket..

    No life without Sun

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    Suggestion from SuN Sir is most welcome. This will help us to directly contact the concerned person and help him or her to rebuild their lives. After all the rain stops, they should never be left in the lurch. For each of those dead, the survivors in their families should be given Government jobs and at least twenty hundred thousand rupees to rebuild and restart their lives. This is the duty of the Government.

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    Also, government should ensure that none construct a house close to the river banks. The path of the rivers should be maintained, so that the flood or flash flood doesn't affect the people. Also, they should release the water carefully, and let it not reach its full capacity. The major dams like Idukki which has huge capacity of water, should not be allowed to reach its full capacity of 2403 feet, but keep it at 2395 feet and release the water gradually to reach the arabian sea through the Periyar river. Apart from the incessant rain, Kerala engineers failed to perform their duty. People living nearby the river should be advised and permitted to construct only two storey buildings that would help to save the people in the event of floods.
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    Just wait. Many organisations have started collecting funds. One such is the Star tv and Asia net tv Goonj organisation. It seems to be genuine to route the contributions.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    We should try and send our donation to CM's relief fund. All funds collected by other organizations would also reach the CM's relief fund only. It is better to deal directly than routing through other agencies who may not be trust worthy. Certain NGO organisations might collect the funds but hand over only some sum to the government. Beware of fraud fund collecting agencies.
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