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    Can we have only sustainable development?

    What has now happened in Kerala, can jolly well happen to Kodaikkanal and Ooty in Tamil Nadu. Every hill station is taken over by real estate sharks who exploit all natural resources and landslides happen. Munnar and Waynad are reportedly disasters waiting to happen.

    When I visited Munnar, I did ask this question to the local people. They just shrugged their shoulders and said that very rich people are involved and nothing much will ever happen.

    It this true? Are those rich so powerful that they can escape responsibility? I think the solution is to develop the areas some twenty kilometers from the main tourist spots where the soil is far better and can withstand huge hotels and resorts. Let the Government itself introduce any number of buses for the tourists to visit the main places and come back to their places of stay. In this fashion, the landslips may not occur as the fragile nature of the tourist spots can be protected.

    Is this not sustainable development? We cannot go on building factories everywhere. For example, not there not be fresh leather factories that totally spoil the environment. Similarly, the tourist spots should be totally protected from haphazard development, totally spoiling everything that is so natural and beautiful.
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    What you mean by sustainable development?
    More than 8% growth in all sectors in every year?
    Kerala is reeling under catastrophic deluge. 80 dams opened.324 lives lost.223,000 people are in more than 1500 relief camps.42 Navy,16 Army,28 coast guard and 39 NDRF teams are in operation.

    Cochin International Airport was constructed in 1999 on the floodplains of Periyaar river.A question was raised at the time of its construction that what you will you do when flood engulf the area. The answer was that our dams will protect the flood. Now, all the dams opened. Airport is inundated.

    We can plan manned mission to space. But we can't stop flood/nature's fury.

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    As long as we abuse the nature these disasters will go on happening. Nobody can do anything. This fact is not being considered when they think of development. Development at what cost? Can we make people to get affected like this in the name of development? I am worried about many such floods in various parts of South India mainly due to this abuse of the environment. Permissions are being accorded to many factories without ensuring the arrangements for proper treatment of gaseous and liquid emissions into the atmosphere. This is the main reason for all these problems. These facts are to be understood by all and then take proper measures to maintain the integrity of nature. Then only we will have a peaceful life without such problems seen as on today. Otherwise, we all should be ready to face similar sorts of problems very frequently and in many other places around the country.
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    We live in a world were money matters most & everything else is secondary. One another fact is that this also depends upon the equation of demand & supply & so wherever there is a meeting in between there would be the possibilities of such transactions which is the result of some illegal acts or may be some settings or "jugaad". The increasing population is also proven out to be of biggest concern for sustainable development. Few of the political parties have afraid of taking bold decisions in order to control this as this will lead to the negative impressions to their vote bank & so we got less options left with more or less waiting for the consequences.

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    As we go on interfering with the nature, the more we will be liable to face the consequences. The current disasters can be called as yet another warning from the nature's behalf but hope so that we are not serious enough to take any corrective actions but to limit those to our discussions & on papers & its not going make any positive impacts.

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