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    Can we have electric motor cycles and mopeds as well?

    In the USA, we are told, there is a massive move to switch over to electric cars. This is slowly catching up in India too. Some time in the next ten years, there will be further innovations, that will enable the cars to run for more distances with recharges for as less as four hours.

    The question is : can this be extended to motor cycles and mopeds? Do we already have some of these in the advanced countries? Will this not reduce pollution drastically? In the smaller towns of India, every single house has at least one two wheeler and the traffic is so huge on the smallest of roads. It is a nightmare for the residents and more of a big headache at petrol bunks that are always crowded.

    Members who know the technology behind this development may please enlighten us on the possibilities.
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    Already in India also there are electric scooters and bikes. Many Organisations are spending a lot of money on developing these scooters. I know two or three companies working on this. My daughter in law is having one electric bike. But the present problem is charging the battery. She will be keeping the battery for charging in the nights. For small distances, she uses that. Like petrol pumps. the battery charging units should come more so that we can get it charged during the travel in some places and continue the Journey. I heard in Hyderabad one such station has come. Some electric buses are flying in Vijayawada, AP also. Shortly more cars, buses, scooters and mopeds we will see on the road I hope. In one of such companies the development is in an advanced stage and anytime they may go for trials. This is a good development and environmental pollution will come down to a maximum extent.
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    We already have battery cars and scooters of branded motor companies in India. We are just not fond of them because they can't speed up like normal vehicles. Its like riding a golf cart. These electric scooters are also not trustworthy because many face problems in riding them. At first glance electricity looks like a promising alternative of fossil fuels but electric department does its fair share in pollution. The batteries contain harmful chemicals, which when dumped incorrectly will cause havoc by dissolving in water. We are yet to reach a stage in e-waste management. So we should not jump immediately to this alternate fuel.
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    We already having electrical bikes as well as motor vehicles & can be seen moving on the roads & as the demands grows there traffic would be more. In addition there would be pros & cons for every actions & therefore this medium might not be the preference of many of us more specifically for the longer journeys.

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    Yes we do have electric cars and scooters. But the problems is about the quality and durability of the battery. There is no guarantee on the battery life and the companies which are selling the electric vehicles does not have the on road service back up. So as long as the bikes or cars run without any problem they are welcomed but what about any breakdown as there is no alternate way to bring back the vehicle to the destination. If this problem can be addressed forthwith, Indians can also concentrate on using electric bikes and it must ensure pulling two people with ease and no maintenance at all.
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    Electric scooters and cycles are already developed and only thing is the problem of a high power battery working for a longer time and it's charging to be done time to time.

    So far, we have petrol pumps where the people can go with their vehicles and refill but we do not have battery stations where we can give our battery and take a charged one after paying an amount for the charging and service rendered.

    Until unless we have charging stations or battery stations we can not improve the usage of electric cars or scooters in our country try.

    Creating such a large number of battery stations is a herculean job. Some big businessmen can think in that direction if the proposition appears lucrative to them. Once this thing picks up it will replace the existing petrol and diesel light vehicles. The trucks and heavy duty vehicles will ply as usual on petrol and diesel.

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